Michael Coviello

Michael Coviello is a member of the Klemmer Facilitation Team concentrating on Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership. Michael joined the Klemmer Family after practicing law for over twenty years. As a practicing attorney, Michael's clients include law enforcement officers, not-for-profit corporations, and charities. He has leveraged his legal education and experience to create, develop, and present multiple-topic seminars throughout the United States for attorneys and law enforcement. In addition to being an attorney, Michael has a wide variety of professional experience having worked in construction, building maintenance, as a pizza chef, a furniture mover, a truck driver, an executive consultant to large international corporations, a manager of small businesses, retail sales, and charitable fund raising. Michael's passions are as diverse as his professional experience including photography, skiing, scuba diving, skydiving, fitness, football, music, hiking, sailing, and flying. As an instrument rated private pilot he also supports Vital Flight, a charitable organization that provides free flights to people with medical, compassionate, and humanitarian needs, including an annual event that provides free adventure flights to special needs children. Michael is committed to adventure and fun as well as continuous growth and success for himself and others. In addition to facilitation training, Michael is a certified coach through the Klemmer Coaching Academy. As a

coach, Michael focuses his skills and talent on developing leadership, goal setting and achievement, relationship building and communication, effective management, team building, sales, and corporate/business organization, efficiency, and proficiency. A perennial student, one of Michael's greatest strengths as both a facilitator and a coach is his willingness to be open and to learn in the coaching experience while coaching his clients to stretch, grow, and achieve now.

"Coaching with Mike has been one of the most growth-accelerating experiences I've had in my life. He listens to understand, and has an almost uncanny way of lifting my perspective in each coaching session, which has produced an incredible clarity of my vision for my life. Mike has a straightforward yet kind way of inspiring me to live to my very fullest every day. I requested strong accountability for some huge goals, and Mike not only asked the hard questions that supported my journey, but (more importantly) guided me into discovering how I can sustain incredible productivity while being completely at peace. I've become a much more grounded, confident, and joy-filled man as a result, and I can't imagine ever going back."


-Darin Dillon

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