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Florence Valvero with Mary Kay

Florence Valvero
Category: Beauty

Empowering Women in Business

Specializing in Cosmetics and Skin Care

Soap Much Luvs

Autumn DeCosta
Category: Spa & Relaxation

Everyone can use Soap Much Luvs in their life. 

What started out as a hobby to pass the time while my husband was deployed to the Middle East for one year turned into a hidden passion.   Unleashing my creativity in these beautiful products not only brought peace and comfort to my life but in turn I am able share this with others.

Each item is handcrafted with our intention of sending Soap Much Luvs into the world.  The best part for us, is when we get to have our products used at special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, holidays and whatever special occasion occurs. My personal favorite is customizing our product to meet your needs and thinking out of the box with new and fun products. 

This is a Veteran owned business with a combined total of 58 years of service.  Michael 36 years and myself 22 years of honorably serving this great country of ours. 

We look forward to working with you. 


Autumn and Michael DeCosta

Dr. Gina and Restorative Counseling

Gina Pazzaglia
Category: Light Energy Therapy

Autobiographical information:

 To order books and workbooks, please go to website under workbooks or novels, or you can go directly to Amazon books under Dr. Gina Pazzaglia.

            My name is Dr. Gina and I currently own and operate Restorative Alternative Wellness, Inc since 2012. With the vision of offering holistic products and services enhancing the wellness of individuals, families and groups. RAW offers a healing garden area to enhance services. Restorative Alternative Wellness is a therapeutic, alternative health center. Our goal is to assist individuals in achieving lasting, overall *mind*body*spirit* wellness. Our team of caring professionals understands that patching up symptoms does not treat the whole person, nor does it remedy underlying problems. Therefore, we deliver a wide range of progressive, holistic therapies to help you achieve your optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Some of our services include Wellness Care, Energy Healing, traditional counseling (Individual Therapy, relationship counseling and family counseling), Recreational Therapy, Thought Field Therapy, Qi Gong, Hypnotherapy, Aroma Therapy, Ionic Foot Detox, Infrared Sauna, Women’s Group therapy, Workshops, and Workbooks, and Zija and Ameo Oils.

 Alternative Wellness is the art and science of healing that involves care of the whole person. This practice integrates conventional and complementary therapies to promote optimal health, and prevent and treat disease by addressing contributing factors. In practice, this means that each person is seen as a unique individual, rather than an example of a particular disease. Disease is described as the result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance. The role of the practitioner is for guidance, counseling, and support; the patient must do the work - changing lifestyle, beliefs and old habits in order to facilitate healing. 


What this means is that this type of treatment does not interfere with any type of conventional medical treatments and as many studies have show increase the benefits of conventional medicine with used in conjunction with alternative treatments.


In 1999, I opened a not for profit, Christian based, 501-c3 organization.  From 1999-2008, I was the Founder and Executive Director of Restorative Counseling Services, Inc, that was dedicated to the healing and restoration body, soul, and spirit, of those who suffer from unresolved emotional &/or physical pain.  I was able to lead the organization through the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation as well as Developing a State Certified Domestic Violence Batterers Program. I co-authored 2 grants through the Faith Based Initiatives, and the agency was awarded over $75,000. Due to the complexities of dealing with Federal Funding, the Board of Directors opted to dissolve the Agency and I later ran a DBA as Restorative Counseling until I opened RAW, LLC.


In 2012, I received my PhD from Graduate Theological Foundation, and 2012 ABD from North Central University. I received her Bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University and Master’s degree from University of Oklahoma in 1991.  I was Program Coordinator for a Pain Management clinic and developed several rural mental health programs prior to opening RCS, Inc.  I have worked with a multiplicity of traumas and am clinically certified as a domestic violence counselor and certified trauma specialist.  I have been licensed in Clinical Social Work since 1996, as well as a Certified and Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor since 2000.  I am  a diplomat on the National Board of Forensic Counselors and the National Board of Addictions.  I was formerly co-owner of the Beatnix Cafe, INC in Midtown.  I have been involved in a wide variety of church activities.  I have five children, five grand children.  I have had to struggle through family mental illness and abuse, deaths, divorce, single parenting, difficult teenagers, teen pregnancy, step-parenting, family addictions, welfare and many other areas that have helped to increase empathy.


            Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be a featured speaker at the American Association of Forensic Counselors, American Association of Christian counselors, The Bair Foundation, Saint Anthony’s Hospital, local churches, and on several radio talk shows as well as a local Television network discussing various mental health topics.  I have written and received grants and started the Peace (Promoting Effective Alternatives for Character Enhancement) for Kids Project, which is a camp for children who are at risk from the effects of domestic violence.  I have had an interest in development of research and have written several books and workbooks including:

.1989, The Multidisciplinary Effects of Dealing with child sexual abuse, submitted to the School of Social Work, Oral Roberts University; 1991 Female Alcoholism & Complications, submitted to School of  Social Work, University of Oklahoma; 1995, Seasons with You, Grief workbook, unpublished (copy right); 2003, Healing the Bruises, a 12 Step Workbook to recovering from domestic violence, unpublished (Copy right); 2005, Overcoming Fear Workbook for therapists; and, 2006, PEACE for Kids Camp Session I, unpublished (copy right). She has many research articles in her PhD program related to domestic violence.

Hobbies include writing, reading, gardening (has a pond and waterfall), praying, writing, program development, studying, speaking, art, hanging out with children and grandchildren, meeting with friends and quietly meditating, at times.


What inspired me to pursue my vocation:

I was raised in an environment of domestic violence from a mentally ill mother. As a very resilient and independent child, I began helping friends and acquaintances in a variety of benevolent roles including community work (childbirth educator and lay midwife), church volunteer and many other ways. I realized furthering my education would allow me to impact others in a greater way.  I have had many personal experiences in my life, which led to the interest of Social Work and dealing with a person, Body-Soul and Spirit. 

I am an entrepreneur at heart and believe each one of us have creativity to offer in this wonderful world we live in; however, so many people cannot reach that part of themselves because they are caught in pain, suffering and old patterns. 

BAM Design

Doug Hudak
Category: Design and marketing materials

BAM is an acronym for Branding, Advertising and Marketing. I am a graphic designer and I create materials for all of those purposes. Here's and idea of what I can provide: logos, business cards, brochures, post cards, advertising design, presentation folders, sales visuals, book cover design, signage and trade show materials. I design and arrange for the final product to be shipped right to your door.

Wealth Ambassadors, LLC

Brenton Dearing, CFS®, CFP®
Category: Investments, Insurance & Financial Planning

Wealth Ambassadors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor firm that manages money for clients around the country.  Although the business was established in 2012, the Founder/President - Brenton Dearing has been working with clients as a financial advisor for 23 years.  In addition to advising on investments, retirement & financial planning, we offer financial coaching to create & protect wealth.

There is no cost for an initial consultation & the time to receive personalized recommendations.  This gives ample time to see the value.

Brenton Dearing is a Certified Financial Planner (TM) Professional & has the Certified Fund Specialist certification as well.

Brenton heard Brian Klemmer speak at the Hawaii Christian Leaders Event with Bob Harrison in 1997 & 1998.  Brenton read a pre-publication copy of If How To's Were Enough, We Would All Be Skinny, Rich & Happy in 2000.  Brenton attended Personal Mastery in November 2003, Advanced Leadership (Team 51) in February 2004, Heart of the Samurai (Team 15) in Fall 2004 & Samurai Camp 6 in Spring 2005.  Brenton was the first K&A graduate to be awarded a PhD. in Leadership & Personal Development at Sam Camp 8 (2006) for his work with orphanages in Ukraine & Muldova.

Brenton hosted 10 K&A workshops in the St. Louis area between 2004 - 2008 (7 Personal Mastery, 2 Quickening & 1 Playful Mastery).

We look forward to speaking with you!


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