Lisa Keating

Tacoma, WA

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Coaching Specialties

phone: 253-677-5188

Lisa J. Keating began her experience with Klemmer & Associates three years ago with her husband, Dmitri Keating. True to form, she dove head first into each level, dissecting all areas of her life and began practicing the tools gifted us through this work. Lisa is playful, honest, compassionate and completely dedicated to herself, family, friends and community. As the first graduate of the Klemmer Coaching Academy, Lisa's vision is to build community, strengthen relationships and families and inspire leaders to expand their ripple effect.

"She guided me in filling in the cracks that were keeping me from honestly feeling wonderful about myself, my goals and my future. She is truly an amazing coach, able to sift through all the words that I threw at her and get to the brain and heart of me. Lisa’s intelligence, intuition and empathy know no bounds and she has an enormous heart (and a seriously great sense of humor). Add to that what she has taken from her Klemmer experiences and I feel she has the ability and education to take anyone by the hand and walk with them to levels of happiness they thought impossible to achieve." -Coaching client and friend, Victoria Barcus (Heart Grad)