Lisa Dettinger

Sun Prairie, WI

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Christian Life Coach: family relationships, spiritual growth, and life management.

I am a courageous, abounding, and influential woman.
Phone: 608.695.3469

Have you felt trapped in a box of stifling expectations about "what life should look like?" Are you ready to bust out of the box and be all God made you, His masterpiece, to be? Isaiah 43:19 declares, "Behold, I am doing a new thing." Let's discover together what He's desiring to do in you.


My husband Travis and I were married in 1993 and have raised three kids that never cease to amaze us. We credit our rock-solid marriage to our Solid Rock, Jesus. We've experienced life-altering trials, ineffable joys, and everything in between. I've spent 30 years working with adults, children, and teens in public and private classrooms, auditoriums, churches, libraries, gymnasiums, and homes, and I've concluded that the best part of teaching and presenting is witnessing that "aha moment" - that instant when the light turns on, the student owns her discovery, and she is eager to move forward with it. Life coaching enables me to be a vessel that draws out aha moments from my clients so they can move forward with LIFE. When that Light within them gets flipped on, they can shine from the inside out with joy and purpose. To God be the glory.

Lisa is a gifted teacher, author and presenter. Her work as a life coach expands into yet another way of helping people to make valuable connections that move them forward. Her commitment in her approach allows plenty of space to discern, process and apply challenging information in a productive way. Her commitment to God in all she does encourages me to seek out how God is using her to speak to me. - Katy L.