Leah Rezin 

Tomah, WI 

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Specialties: - Authentic Friendships, Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence, Powerful Networking Skills

I am a Worthy, Confident, Risky, Trusting Woman.

Web: https://connectioncatalyst.wixsite.com/brainscape

It is not always what you know in life. It is who you know.

Connections Expand Your Influence and Impact.

Do you have goals and dreams and a heart to make a difference in this world? Does it involve people to achieve them?

How could strong personal and professional relationships support you in achieving your purpose? What if you could have fun doing it?  


Along with being a certified coach, 

I have over 600 hours experience in a personal development and leadership setting as a student or as a staff member. 

I actively engage with coaching 5 hours/week.

I have a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic with over 6 years of patient communication and consultative care plus over 500 hours in seminars studying neurologically based and emotional healing. 

I co-built a business that hosted the largest ribbon cutting the community has ever seen with over 120 people in attendance. 


I call myself a connection catalyst. Connection implies establishing rapport, a linked connection. A catalyst increases the rate of reaction without having to change itself and remains separate from the end product. For me, this means I support you in increase the rate of connection and results in your life while remaining separate from the final result. The final result is your accomplishments, your support system, and your stronger foundations. 


I believe that we were made for connection, relationship, and vulnerability. When we choose vulnerability, we free ourselves from fear. How much more willing are you to discover, trust, heal and do the work when you have permission to be yourself and process in a safe space? I am looking forward to being in that space with you.