Lauren Archibeque

Gilbert, AZ

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Coaching Specialties: 
The life of your dreams is waiting for you …
I will support you in your journey to live it! 

Phone: 480.276.0443

Like you, Lauren Archibeque has always had an appetite for self-development and searched for a life that works! What does that mean? It means actually living the life you dreamed about. It means being completely and absolutely satisfied exactly where you are AND still moving forward, playing an even bigger game of life.


What does that look like in your world? That can look like being happy in a good relationship and moving that into a #10 relationship filled with all the things that are important to you! It can look like going from paycheck to paycheck in a decent job into a place of loving your job and earning an income that provides you with exciting options. It can look like finally finding your passion and moving fully into it!


So many are living lives of quiet desperation … knowing there is more, but not sure how to get there. Lauren will provide the support and the guidance to get you where you know you belong. She will be using all the tools she has learned along the way, mixed with her unique life experiences and humor to keep you moving forward.


Lauren has been on the K&A journey since 2008 with Personal Mastery and to date has completed Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai and Sam-Camp. She continually uses the tools to move herself forward into her own vision of more/better/different. One client put it this way … “Lauren has been very instrumental in coaching me into making positive shifts in my life. I have laughed, worked hard, cried and had fun! It has been a great experience with life changing effects!”


Expect to be held accountable. Expect to be loved. Expect to be challenged and stretched. Expect to get results. … and expect to have fun!