Kristie Powers

Kristie was introduced to the Klemmer & Associates work in mid-2015 and completed all of the training, along with the Klemmer Coaching Academy in early 2017. Experiencing the value of the Klemmer work and daily utilizing the tools to create positive shifts and abundance in her own life, Kristie developed the desire to coach others from her past experience, formal education and Klemmer training. 

Kristie's passion is to be instrumental in facilitating positive change in people's lives. Kristie loves coaching people looking to set and reach new goals, those who desire to create dynamic relationships in their lives and those looking for transformational change in any area. Her heart is to give support, encouragement, direction, and hope to people who may be stuck or those struggling with spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or physical problems which rob them of joy and freedom in their lives. Kristie believes that help and hope should revolve around showing people that they are valued, gifted, worthy, loved, that change is possible, and that the future is brighter than they can imagine. 

Prior to her introduction to Klemmer, Kristie worked in the healthcare administration management field for over 15 years where she was involved with hospital management, medical and dental practice management as well as long term care management. Approximately 10 years ago, Kristie decided to make a career move. A lifetime learner, Kristie added a Master's degree in counseling (Trinity Theological Seminary, 2008) to her undergraduate degree in psychology (Indiana University, 1988).  

As a coach, Kristie's desire is to collaborate with those who understand commitment, agreements and accountability to make a real difference in this world. Kristie wants to coach the “world changers” and has the gift of seeing the greatness in others before they do. If you are looking for coaching from someone who is just as invested in your growth and success on your journey as she has been her own, Kristie would love to talk with you! 

Kristie resides in Southern Indiana with her husband of over 25 years, Mike. Mike and Kristie have two adult children, Taylor (YLC graduate) and Michael.

"I have 5 recruits which is more than I have ever created in my Mary Kay career (2 before).  The most important benefit for me is the confidence that I have to pursue my purpose in life, playing full out in true choice." - Julie Coppinger