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Klemmer Online Guide


Learn more about becoming a Klemmer Online Guide (KOG) and how to submit your eCourse to the Klemmer Online Platform.  

The Klemmer Online Platform is designed to host content from KOG's from all over the world. It is an opportunity for Klemmer students to continue exploring and learning new ideas. Our vision for the platform is an online community that supports ongoing learning. Course topics range greatly, providing a variety of learnable content.

There is a five step process to publish an eCourse on this platform. Our informational orientation video provides more details on that process and is a recommended starting point for those interested in becoming a Klemmer Online Guide. 



Apply to be a "Klemmer Online Guide"(KOG) in the Klemmer Online Training Center. Fill out the form below with the details of your eCourse. 
Have you built an online course before?
Based on the build options presented in the orientation video, which path will you choose if your course is approved?

Proof of Concept

Please provide as much information as you can to substantiate your real life experience with this eCourse topic that demonstrates your readiness to be a guide to others on this topic. 

Upload File (optional) - Submit supplemental documents for demonstration of experience.

Policies & Procedures

  • Course(s) will not contain violent or illegal content

  • Course price will be set at $25, or more

  • Course will be clearly marked via the provided rating system (Kid, Teen, 18+)

  • If course is marked for 18+ and contains any sensitive topics, a disclaimer clearly describing the nature of the sensitive topics will be in the course description so that possible enrollees are aware prior to purchase

  • There is a $40 per calendar month maintenance fee for each LIVE course. This fee is eligible to be waived when a course earns $40 or more in gross revenue in a calendar month.

  • An KOG applicant will not be given access to select a build path until preliminary approval is given by the Klemmer Executive Leadership Team

  • Klemmer reserves the right to decline a KOG's application and course for any reason.

  • Klemmer reserves the right to remove a course and a KOG's access to the Klemmer Online Platform at it's discretion.

  • Unless otherwise stated in writing, all courses approved and launched in the Klemmer Online Platform will follow a 70/30 revenue share program. 70% of the course gross revenue will be paid to the authoring KOG, minus any applicable fees. 30% of the gross course revenue will be paid to Klemmer.

I certify that I have watched the informational orientation above in it's entirety and have read the Policies & Procedures above. By signing below I agree to adhere to the Policies & Procedures and submit my eCourse details to the Klemmer Team for review and consideration. I understand that my course is not guaranteed to be approved. Should my course be approved, I understand the success of my course through enrollments is solely my responsibility and through my own marketing efforts. 

Thank you! Your eCourse will be reviewed and you will receive a decision within seven business days.