Kim Hammack

Roscoe, IL

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Coaching Specialties: Offering Encouragement & 
Support for Life's Journey

I am a significant, confident, surrendered & successful woman!
Phone: 815.742.9240

Kim and her husband Dave have been happily married for over 25 years and have two grown children in their twenties. She had the privilege and joy of being a stay-at-home mom and serving in several ministries while raising their family. Kim is an entrepreneur with a home-based business in the health and wellness industry, along with her life coaching business. She has discovered both of these to be great vehicles for helping people gain better overall health.


Kim is a “glass half full” kind of girl, always looking for ways to bring a positive perspective. As a life coach, she does not come as an expert but as one who is on the journey of learning and growing herself. Kim brings a wide array of personal and family life experiences to her coaching. Some of these include parental divorce, challenging medical conditions, suicide, shattered dreams, broken relationships, loss, addictions, victory over co-dependency, providing guardianship and foster care for family, rebellion, financial changes and more. These seasons of life have taught Kim perseverance, endurance, surrender and dependence on God.

Kim's passion is to offer encouragement and support to others on life's journey. She creates a space for clients to gain awareness and perspective of where they are and where they want to be. She also helps clients set goals and create action plans to not only reach their dreams but ultimately their purpose. Kim's life coaching involves this En-Courage-Ment Process:

En – to cause to be; to cover or provide with
Courage – the quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face challenges with confidence
Ment – 
result of an action or process

…and she would love to encourage and support you on your life's journey!

Kim started her journey with Klemmer in the spring of 2012. She has completed all of Klemmer's Courses which includes Champion's, Personal Mastery, Quickening, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, Samurai Camp and is a graduate of the Coaching Academy. In addition, she has Championed a Personal Mastery in order to introduce others to the work as she continues in the work herself.


“Working through the coaching process, I was very cautious at first. Kim has a way of building a quick and lasting friendship with those she coaches. She presents as a trusting friend and this is true of who she really is. She helps guides and directs you to find what you are missing in your life through a processes of asking simple questions. All of the sudden through the coaching experience you realize that you have all the answers within yourself and Kim helps you uncover the truth you have been missing all along. She is a REAL person with REAL life experience, she values your time and supports your goals throughout the process. Kim is a lifesaver and a supporter of your process. She is flexible, personable, able to connect, and down to earth. I would recommend Kim as a coach to anyone and in fact I have. I am blessed to have been a part of this process.”

~ Ruth

“Kim's unique perspective on life has helped me to look deeper at my beliefs and goals. She encourages me to live outside my situation and focus on my purpose and dreams. She can help you formulate a plan to live life to it's fullest. Her encouragement and help may be just the step you need to owning your life!”

~ Deb

“Kim is helping me align my life with my goals, as well as letting me see where I can shine the brightest for myself and my loved ones.”

~ Ben

"Kim's disarming personality and temperament instantly put me at ease - not because she's an expert but because she's on the journey as well. I've felt stuck and somewhat chaotic the last few years; Kim has helped me articulate my goals and helped me redirect my energy and actions in order to achieve the results I desire. Her encouragement and support have created a safe environment in which to forge ahead."

~ Diane