KCA Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions must be read and fully committed to before enrollment. The Klemmer Coaching Academy is a professional training program – for this reason once you make the decision to enroll – you are committing to the certification and training program.  By registering for the Klemmer Coaching Academy, I understand I have agreed to the following payment terms for my registration:  

1.     I understand I am committing to paying in full as I am enrolling in an extensive coaching training and certification program and have access to intellectual property which is worth far more than I am paying. 

2.     This is a morally and legally binding agreement. Payments are non-refundable even if the program has not yet commenced. Once the access code has been utilized there are no refunded in part or in whole. 

3.     I understand that the course work is limited to a six month time period. I have full 24/7 access to the course for 6 full months and after that, if I have not completed the course/experiential learning and live coaching with real life clients for required hours, that I will not receive my certifica-tion. There will be an additional fee that can be paid of $500.00 to extend time available by 30 days. 

4.     I understand that I must ALREADY be a graduate of the Advanced Leadership Course (step two in K&A’s work, after Personal Mastery.) and that only if I am a graduate of ALS course, should I register for this course. I will only register for this course if I am an ALS grad. If I am not sure about my eligibility, I will ask before I enroll by emailing jenny@klemmer.com

5.     I understand that Klemmer and Associates has the right to revoke enrollment from any student who breaks solicitation policy or is in question in any way to deem them not appropriate for Klemmer Coaching Certification. This right to revoke applies to all enrollees and is determined by Klem-mer Executive Staff. The decision is final and will not be over turned. It can be based on the sole choice of K&A’s Executive Team. There does not have to be a cause at play. 

6.     I understand the Klemmer Coaching Academy will equip me with the tools needed to coach others in different areas of life and that upon gradua-tion and all assignments complete, I will have practiced my coaching with real life clients for a set number of hours that can be attained individually and/or through staffing K&A events. 

7.     I understand that by registering for KCA that I am committed to my own personal growth and agree to apply all I learn in my own life and there-fore be an even better coach for my clients. 

8.     I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Klemmer and Associates and its teachers, facilitators, coaches, and/or any one working with Klemmer & Associates against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, expenses or costs incurred or suffered and any claim or legal proceedings brought or threatened arising out of your use of the web site, material, and or coaching sessions. 

9.     I understand that my success in building my business is dependent on a number of factors. I am not guaranteed by attending/completing this course that I will experience revenue simply due to my completion. I am aware that I am completely responsible for generating leads for clients, sessions, and collections of fees. 

10.     I understand while enrolled in KCA, that I accept that communication will be primarily electronic. I will have email support and access to a weekly conference call with the facilitator and other students. 

11.     I understand that I am already a coach to others simply by being in relationship, and I am now ready to become a more equipped, more effective coach for the millions yet to be reached, and for this reason I am willing to step up, commit and embrace this exciting journey. 

12.     I understand that all intellectual property rights (including, without limitation, copyright, moral rights, design rights, trademarks, branding, logo, and patents) and all other rights in the Course content and Course materials belong to Klemmer & Associates. We license to you all such rights on a non-exclusive basis for the purpose only of enabling you to attend, participate and, where you are able, to complete the Course. You are also permitted to use small extracts of the Course content and Course materials for your personal use as a coach only. Reproduction or distribution of the Course content and Course materials is strictly prohibited. Any action taken out side of this will result in disqualification of your coaching certif-icate and to be put on the PUBLIC NOT AUTHORIZED LIST. 

13.    I understand that the use of K&A or KCA logos is strictly prohibited.

14.    I understand audio and visual recordings of K&A course materials or exercises are strictly prohibited.

15.    I acknowledge that certain information contained in the Course and Course materials is already in the public domain. 

16.     I understand and commit to honor the Confidentiality of this material. I will keep in strict confidence all experiences and materials disclosed to me by K&A (or its employees, agents, consultants or sub-contractors) and any other KCA Course materials which you may obtain. 

17.    I will not use any such information for any purpose other than to attend, participate and, where capable, complete the Course.

18.     I understand Klemmer and Associates’ Data Protection. I agree that K&A may use my personal data in accordance with and subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. K&A may send me information from time to time regarding new courses and opportunities. If I do not wish to receive such information I will contact K&A at jenny@klemmer.com

19.    I understand that I may not enroll in KCA if I am not a graduate of K&A’s Advanced Leadership Seminar.

20.     I have read this agreement and accept all terms and I am looking forward to becoming a Klemmer Certified Coach (Foundational Coaching Certi-fication – One Star Coach for ALS grads, Two Star Coach for Heart grads, and Three Star Coach for Sam Camp grads). 

21.     I will give full credit to Klemmer & Associates Inc. when utilizing its material in coaching, teaching, or sharing it’s information for the purpose of influencing people in a positive manner to help ensure their success. 

22.     Upon completion I will register for the Klemmer & Associates Certified Coaching Advertising Page. I understand that I can be refused for any reason the Executive Staff deems fit. If I qualify to be placed on the list I am solely responsible for the sessions and satisfaction of my clients and will not /cannot hold K&A or KCA liable in any way. I also commit to registering my signature forms with K&A to stay in good standings.