Klemmer and Associates is proud to present the graduates of the Klemmer Coaching Academy’s  “Foundational Coaching Certification”.

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Klemmer Coaching Academy graduates are assigned star rankings based upon the level of work they have completed in K&A's core courses.Two star coaches have completed Advanced Leadership, three star coaches have completed Heart of the Samurai, four star coaches have completed Samurai Camp, and five star coaches have been a Team Leader at Samurai Camp.

Members listed on this page have completed our six-month coaching program and we are pleased to announce them as Klemmer Certified Coaches.

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Janis Albeck

Loves Park, IL

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Coaching through life's transitions
Gaining momentum in retirement

Achieving balance
Healthy life and nutrition coaching

Donnie 3.jpg

Donnie Alexander 

Grand Junction, CO

4 stars.png

Personal, Business & Life Coach


Kathy Anderson

Minneapolis, MN

5 stars.png

Executive & Business Coach, Life Coach


Lauren Archibeque

Gilbert, AZ

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: 
The life of your dreams is waiting for you …
I will support you in your journey to live it! 


Alan Beech

Hamilton, ON, Canada

5 stars.png

Business & life coach.


Melanie Birky

Goshen, Indiana

4 stars.png

Personal and Professional Coach


Danielle Butler

Waianae, HI

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties:
Personal and Business Leadership Coaching,
and Creating the Life You Say You Want.
(one-on-one, groups, teen, adult, speaking engagements)


Destiny DeHaven

Loveland, CO

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Life Transitions,
Walking Through Pain and Loss,
Coaching Coaches,
Removing Limiting Beliefs,
Breaking Through Competing Commitments


Lisa Dettinger

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

4 stars.png

Christian Life Coach: family relationships, spiritual growth, and life management.

Jillian Dillon Headshot-2.jpg

Jillian Dillon

Redding, California

4 stars.png

Coach:  Communication + Ideas + Business


Joseph Duerr

Palm City, Florida 

5 stars.png

Business and Life Coach


Michael Fenner

Drums, PA

3 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: teens, grief/loss, owning choices.


Beatrice Gahongayire

Ottawa, ON, Canada

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: One on One, parenting, young adults (transitions into a career), and health & fitness. 


Daniel Giordano

Palm Beach, FL

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties:
Strategic Business, Health, Faith
& Family Ninja Coach


Janelle Gleisner

Durango, CO

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties:


Erik Green

Kamloops, BC, Canada

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Fitness and Life Coaching
(clients/couples/small groups)


Jenny Green

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Organizational and Life Coaching 


Kim Hammack

Roscoe, IL

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Offering Encouragement & 
Support for Life's Journey


Rebekka Jensen

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

4 stars.png

Specialities: Big Picture Purpose, Balancing Logic with Intuition, Streamlining Goals


Lisa Keating

Tacoma, WA

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties

Head Shot.jpg

Kathy Kelley

Pittsfield, NH

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Life, Budget, Successful Single Mom, Foundation and Confidence Creation


Trudy Kemper

Coldstream, BC, Canada

5 stars.png

Health & Wellness Coach and Family Relationship Coach.


Nicole King

Stuart, FL

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties


Anita Knight

Kent, WA

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties:
Family & Communication
Home School & Mentoring
Identifying & Achieving Goals
Overcoming Procrastination


Shabana Knight


4 stars.png

Children, Teens and Ages: 18-65

Faith based, Healing and Forgiveness, Health and Fitness, 

Identity, Purpose and Fulfillment 

Maggie La Hue.jpg

Maggie La Hue


4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties:
One on One, sales, personal growth,
radio marketing sales, small groups and SMART goals


Katrina Lelli

Bonney Lake, WA

4 stars.png

Health and Wellness, One-on-One, Small Group, Recovery, Network Marketing/Entrepreneurship, Personal


Patti Marrin

Minneapolis, Minnesota

5 stars.png

Life Coaching, Professional Coaching, Adoption Coaching


Viviane Martin

Calgary, Alberta Canada

5 stars.png

Free to Be Co-Active Coaching


Laura Matthew

Chandler, AZ

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Personal Excellence Coaching
for Individuals and Businesses


Carol Matthews

Toronto, ON

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Emotionally healthy spirituality,
grief and loss, marriage and family, business consulting.

james mitchell KCA.JPG

James Mitchell

Seattle, WA

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Faith, Health & Fitness, Relationship (Single & Couple)


Trena Morse

Roscoe, IL

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Personal and Business leadership Coaching

Divorce Transitions

Creating the life you say you want

Group business seminars

Teen Training

Speaking engagements


Karen Sizelove-Murphy and Harris Murphy

Bayfield, CO

4 stars.png

Coaching for Attention Deficit Disorder, Adult ADHD, ADHD Families, Time and Life


Carla Palazzolo

Champaign, IL

5 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Teens-Adults-One on One-Groups
Forward Movement-Weight Release


Alana Palm

London, ON

4 stars.png

Coaching Specialties: Relationships, Past Hurts & Hang-ups, Physical & Emotional Health, Leadership (Children, Teens, Adults)