Katy Ridgway

Portland, OR,

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Executive & Business Coaching

I am a wanted, BOLD, tenacious, and wonderfully made woman
phone: 541-601-4745


Katy has a fire inside for growth and creation. To ignite her flame to more and in the process lead others to their spark.

She started her Klemmer journey in 2011 walking in the PM room as a gift from her mother. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! She completed the work within the year as part of ALS 156, Heart 33, Sam Camp 23.


After 2 years in the practice of the work, she had an epiphany, that somewhere along the way she had heard you can come back and staff. With this realization and decision that she was “qualified” and worthy to serve, she jumped back in the dojo and started the journey all over from the beginning as a student/staffer, being a part of ALS 189, Heart 33, and Sam Camp 33.


Katy uses the work daily as she builds and creates successful executives and workplaces. Katy has over 6 years in human resources, working with many business executives in a multitude of industries. Katy’s discovered the biggest unanswered question from executives and business owners is how to lead, develop, and motivate the people. Igniting leadership is the solution for moving your people forward through training, development, and self-discovery.


Katy will partner with you to build a custom plan for your business. A true partnership to give your team the time and guidance deserved. Whether you’re seeking clarity on business goals, wanting to sharpen leadership skills, or have a desire to develop and engage your team, together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.