Katrina Lelli

Bonney Lake, WA

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Health and Wellness, One-on-One, Small Group, Recovery, Network Marketing/Entrepreneurship, Personal

Phone: 253-592-2336

Katrina’s Klemmer journey began in 2013. A friend was hosting a Champions Workshop. One night, that friend handed Katrina a ticket and told her to show up. Katrina was already seeking more out of life, after having been sober for 3 years. Personal Mastery came at the exact right time for her. Katrina stepped into Personal Mastery and has never looked back. Life took on a new meaning and has forever changed because of the Klemmer work. Katrina has completed Personal Mastery, ALS, Heart, Samurai Camp, staffed several Personal Mastery’s including hosting a Personal Mastery and has hosted a Playful Mastery.

Her passion is to support people by guiding them to their best selves and support them to find their own happy, joyous and free. She understands the struggles of life with being a recovered alcoholic, mental health-related issues, struggling to find her ow passion and purpose in life, being a Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter and human being on this planet. The world is ever changing and people are seeking for more, better, different in their life. Through Katrina’s guidance you can walk that path together to uncover what you’re passionate about. Maybe you are unhappy in your job, want a better-quality marriage with your husband, or a better relationship with your children. Maybe you are feeling "stuck" in your life and not sure which direction to go. Maybe you are struggling with the darkness and desperately desire to feel the light again. She can guide you to creating these things and more.