Kathy Kelley

Pittsfield, NH

Coaching Specialties: Life, Budget, Successful Single Mom, Foundation and Confidence Creation

I am a Confident, Capable, Committed and Joyful Woman!

phone: 603-833-1434

Kathy’s Klemmer Journey started in October of 2018.  She is part of ALS #214, Heart #48, Sam Camp #38, and has chosen into Staffing and being a Champion for several Personal Mastery Classes.  The Leadership and Character Development training has radically changed her perspective on who she BE and what she gets to contribute to the world.  She is extremely grateful for the new possibilities in her life and chooses to share that with others through coaching.  


Having been a single Mom for many years, her heart is to help others navigate through the challenges of finances, direction, and creating a life that is more than just a paycheck to paycheck survival.  If you aim to move into success, create joy, dream bigger dreams and take the steps to turn them in to reality, Kathy would love to support you on that path.


Tel: 800-577-5447


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