Karen Sizelove-Murphy and Harris Murphy

Bayfield, CO,

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Adult ADHD, ADHD Families, Time and Life 

Karen: I AM a Joyful, Intuitive, CREATIVE, and Passionate Woman!
Harris: I AM a Bold, FOCUSED, and Playing FULL OUT Man!
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My name is Karen Sizelove-Murphy.  

I have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

I've had it all my life.

I didn't know I had it until I was 33 years old.

It affects me ... every... day.

But I've turned a deficit into my greatest asset.

Now, I'm in control.

I no longer live with frustration, anger, and guilt.

I see ADHD as a positive force that I can control from the inside.

I no longer allow ADHD to work on me or control me.


I was diagnosed in 1997, then took Joyce Kubik's training and COGMED Working Memory Training Program in 2005 and been on an amazing journey since then. My Klemmer journey began in 2009 when I was the Youth Education Coordinator for Northern Virginia Trout Unlimited. I've attended all the workshops, hosted a Champions workshop, and staffed many of the Klemmer events several times.  I married my husband, Harris Murphy in 2012 who also has ADHD 2017 we have completed our Foundational Coach certifications. We are completing our ADHD Family Coach certificates.  Karen is a member of the ADHD Coaching organization (ACO). Both are members of the Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) Organization.

My name is Harris Murphy. 


I began my Klemmer journey in 2004. I've attended all the workshops, hosted several Champions workshops, and staffed many the Klemmer events several times. My teenage boys attended youth camp and many of the Klemmer workshops; a definite plus in their successful lives in the Washington, DC area.


I became aware of my ADHD shortly after being married to Karen in 2012.  Karen noticed the ADHD characteristics in my short attention span, challenge in focusing, often misplacing items, and being easily distracted.  She had been diagnosed with many ADHD characteristics sixteen years earlier.  At that time she was given accommodations with a note taker and a quiet place to test while attending college.  That accommodation enabled her to complete a five year program and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from University of Cincinnati, Design, Architecture, ART and Planning (DAAP), the number one design college in the country.


During her youth Karen recalls being told to focus; that she could do anything she wanted if only she could focus.  That turned out to be so true when she learned techniques from a Master Coach, Joyce Kubik.  Joyce Kubik taught Karen time management techniques that are proven to work for clients with ADHD, enabling Karen to get all A's for two years (2014-2016) while attending Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, working toward a teachers certification.


I joined the US Air Force after a challenging three years of college following high school graduation.  The military structure and regimen proved highly beneficial for me.  I thrived in that environment, was given a military scholarship to complete my undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Math, promoted to officer ranks, and earned a second military scholarship; completing my Master of Science degree in Statistics, Colorado State University while on active duty.  I retired with 25 years honorable service, then worked for the defense industry 15 years in the Washington DC area.


Karen insisted I complete COGMED working memory training while being coached by Joyce Kubik, as she had done seven years earlier. Both Karen and I have a heart for all youth and young at heart who say they are committed to making  a positive difference in their lives but are challenged in getting results.  We became Certified coaches and launched our coaching business ADHD Attitude of Gratitude Coaching Academy to help others who also desire to better their life. We also include time management coaching. Both of us use Joyce Kubik's Plan For Success Planning Journal with a tickler file.  Joyce Kubik's coaching and Journal works for everyone and is highly beneficial for those with ADHD.


We continue to move forward in acquiring ADHD specific coaching techniques from David Giwerc at ADDCA and Joyce Kubik at Bridge To Success that are highly beneficial for everyone.


We have focused on Time and Life Coaching to work with and help others who face unique Life challenges so that they can experience Abundant Living.