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Jillian Dillon

Redding, CA

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Coach/Communication + Ideas + Business

I am a confident, focused, worthy woman.


Hey there! I’m Jillian
Most days you'll find me at my desk, an audible book playing in the background, and brewing my next pour-over cup of coffee. I am a coach, business developer, and a lover of solutions + creativity.

The things I am most passionate about in life are: coaching / creating solutions to problems / helping people hear one another fully


I coach people 

+ who are taking their potential to the next level

+ who want to improve their relationship from a 5 to a 10 

+ who are ready to live their best and thrive in life.

+ who have business ideas that scare them and want to really explore them

I am lucky to give them tools to connect with themselves and others, with authenticity and clear communication.


Reviews from clients//


“My biggest gain from coaching has been awareness. I know I've got miles and miles to go in deeper awareness, but I feel like I have really seen a difference in my life, even to the point of checking my heart motivations a lot more often. Being faithful and being kind to myself and letting it not be hard. I have learned to put myself as a priority in my own life.”


“I really appreciate my coach. She gives me the space to let my guards down before going after the difficult things, which is helpful. I don’t feel attacked or on trial. I feel very heard and known and even though it can be uncomfortable to have hard questions asked, being able to learn that it doesn't have to ‘suck’ and it doesn't have to be hard when you're working through and processing vulnerable things has been really powerful.”


“I’ve learned that me not showing up for myself in my own life, doesn’t work. I feel very safe answering honestly. She believes in me and sees me. It’s really helpful to know I’ve got someone on my side. I’ve grown so much through coaching, it has benefited my life and growth immensely.”


“Accountability has been the strongest growth point for me. Having someone to come back to about my goals, to challenge me, that was super helpful. Someone who is willing to talk through things when I can tend to box up or wall up, that created a safe communication space to say, ‘I see you're you're doing this, what's going on around that? Why are those walls going up? What's happening right now?’, has meant the world. Becoming able to actually discover more about myself, process and being able to become aware of a lot, I’ve been able to make some big differences in my life.”