Jenny Price

Having been mentored and nourished by the Klemmer work since 2011, along with Kimberly Zink as a personal mentor, Jenny Price coaches the truth in love and holds nothing back, to most effectively support you in moving forward faster on your journey.

As your coach, Jenny "is transparent, courageous, and kind. "As a coach Jenny is

focused on delivering results while caring for the person; this is what I appreciated the most." "Jenny will help you uncover your superpowers, will listen in a reflective manner, will give valuable and specific praise, and she will call you to your next steps" 'What I most enjoyed about our coaching sessions is 'they are fun'! Jenny has the ability to put the fun back into work. She leads by example, covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time." Specialty Coaching areas include (and are not limited to}:

  • Leadership/Life Coaching

  • Relationships/Building Communication

  • Clarifying Goals and Crossing Finish Lines

  • Maximizing Marriage/Ministry/Mission

  • Growing Sexual & Emotional Intimacy in Marriage Couples Coaching

  • Recovery/Overcoming Past Hurts and Habits

  • Fun in Life - It can be Easy! 


Other coaching qualifications: Headmaster of the Klemmer Coaching Academy, John Maxwell Leadership Team, where Jenny is a certified coach/speaker/facilitator. She also holds her Bachelor's Degree from Florida State University. Jenny coaches from her Life Experience as well as her expert training. While a Sam Camp student herself, Jenny authored her first book, 7 Shifts, and has used this as a coaching tool for over 200 people. Jenny has been in a flourishing marriage for 23+ years, has spent 18 years parenting five children, 25 years in ministry, and 20 years in fitness industry.

"Jenny Price is highly intuitive and creative. She empowered me in ways I

never imagined and she made it fun and easy. Do yourself a loving favor and spend some quality time with a stellar coach. She used my intention to press me even further and farther than I thought I could go. She helped me see a bigger picture of what I am capable of. Thank you Jenny Price for believing in me and for being my Life Coach!"

- Carol