Jenny Green

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

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Coaching Specialties: Organizational and Life Coaching 

I am a worthy, passionate and surrendered woman.
Phone: 250-852-3190

Jenny’s quest for ongoing personal growth and assisting individuals and groups in actualizing their full potential has led her to work in the areas of social work, community development and health policy/planning. As a life coach, Jenny supports her clients to act on their goals through self-exploration, goal setting, encouragement, accountability and fun! Jenny’s vision is to inspire personal leadership, forward momentum and to build healthy communities.


Jenny believes in walking the talk. She enjoys working towards her own exciting goals as well as spending quality time with her husband Erik and friends in the great outdoors.


Jenny began her Klemmer and Associates journey in 2011 and recently completed Sam Camp. She attributes her strengthened relationship with her husband and greater sense of self to the Klemmer leadership workshops. Jenny believes everyone wins when you play a bigger and bolder game in life.

Coaching Testimonial:

 “I enjoyed the safety to explore my thoughts, goals, and some preconceived notions. I enjoyed being listened to compassionately and without judgement. I enjoyed feeling like my goals are important and worthy and that I am worthy of someone’s time and caring attention.”
– Kerri,