Janis Albeck

Loves Park, IL

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Coaching through life's transitions
Gaining momentum in retirement, achieving balance, healthy life and nutrition coaching

I am a vulnerable, worthy, powerful and beautiful woman!
Phone: 815.262.7387

We are all unique individuals and deserve a rich fulfilling life in which we feel empowered, inspired and confident.  Is that where you are in your life?  What are you dreaming about or hoping to accomplish?  Are there areas in your life where you feel as though you have settled or are just plain stuck?

Several years ago Janis began a quest of self-discovery that brought her to where she is today.  She is passionate about helping others find new meaning, purpose and focus for their lives.  Whether you are young, old or in between there is probably something in your life that you would like, something more, something better or something different.  Janis is the one to walk alongside you to help you realize those dreams.

Janis has a wealth of experience in both life and nutrition and her Klemmer and Associates journey brought all of those experiences into sharp focus. She found a way to give back to others by providing the support and guidance to create a clear vision for their life purpose, their career goals, and their dreams.


Janis is a loving mother and grandmother and loves the Lord.  She is involved in her church and community and has a home-based business - combining a positive forward moving life and healthy nutrition.

Janis began her Klemmer & Associates journey at the beginning of 2013 with Champions Workshop then continued with The Quickening, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, and then while working on Samurai Camp also completed her certification in Klemmer Coaching Academy.

Here is what one client said about Janis.  "I am so thankful for my life coaching sessions with Janis. She is a fantastic listener and always has just the right questions to guide me. Janis tailored every lesson specifically with me in mind and was eager to hear how each lesson had been reinforced in my life during the week. I appreciate how she truly came alongside me for this part of my journey - not just coached from the sidelines. Our time together was a blessing!" Jenn Paulsen, Illinois

Every aspect of life is a celebration - let's work together to make it happen!