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James Mitchell

Seattle, WA

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Coaching Specialties: Faith, Health & Fitness, Relationship (Single & Couple)

Website: www.NowYourBestYou.com
Email: James@NowYourBestYou.com
Phone: (206) 423-0764

James Mitchell has a message for you: “The saddest life in the entire world IS the one NOT lived!”  The dream that we were born with that got away!  Living the life of quiet desperation.  Have you ever felt that way?  Is there anything stirring within you as you read this, that’s searching for a KEY?  Do you “know” that somewhere within you, is a door your Spirit is just waiting for you to walk through?  That part of you has found James!

Who is James Mitchell?  First and foremost, a precious “Child of God”.  An Entrepreneur.  A U.S. Federal Congressional Candidate, with a Servant’s heart!  A songwriter, an author, a creator whose persistence to “evolve” is unparalleled, if you only knew his story.  Meet him!  Not so he can tell you all about his life but so he can learn about you:  Your hopes, Your dreams, Your desires, Your wishes!  If ONLY someone could help you find your keys to create any and every success in every area of your life!  That’s James!

What makes James “qualified” as your Coach?  James has experienced 99% of everything you either could have gone through previously, or maybe are going through right now!  He is “relatable” to you on so many levels.  His success track record speaks for itself.  You will be touched by his heart for you while empowering you to create any dream you have, using the finest tools he has gleaned throughout his life.  James has completed every personal & professional character development course within the Klemmer curriculum.  This includes the Klemmer Coaching Academy (KCA) certification program.  James has applied these tools to his life experience, in addition to all his personal/professional growth work on himself that began in his early twenties.  He continued to evolve into a “seasoned” success story that drew the greed of the sharks on “Shark Tank” in business, yet also he has results that prove he has gained favor with God’s Heart that he has so ferociously pursued through his Bachelor of Ministry Degree and life!

James is empowering people everywhere just like you.  They are taking action with tools he provides to create their life that includes all they previously only imagined they could have!  Why NOT You?  James will be honored to provide you the proven and necessary tools that empower you to unlock your doors to your success and create your world on your terms; be it relationship, a deeper walk of faith, health & fitness (you will see in a FREE copy of his book signed for you: photos of his physical transformation, boosting your confidence that you’ve chosen the right coach in whom to invest your time & money) and including any other area you hold goals and dreams currently unfulfilled, unrealized.  Your best You is yet to come!

Because you get to meet YOU, in ways you never have before, you will step onto a path of self-discovery that will cause you to amaze yourself!  James can hardly wait to introduce you to you!  The tools you will gain are from the world’s leading leadership & character development company are now at your fingertips, just one action away!  Growth only happens when we take action, not by accident!

Your coaching package will include a three-day weekend either 1) launching your initial work forward or 2) as soon as you make yourself available to gain an initial set of tools.  Why?  Because when packaged with your coaching, this process will propel you further, faster, more efficiently and effectively so the results of your dollar and time invested are maximized!  How soon do you want to start getting what you want in every area of your life?  Let’s begin today! Call or email James right away for a free 15-minute initial consultation.  Let’s start NOW!  Why? Because yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery and today is a gift; which is WHY they call it “The Present”!