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"Large changes in a short amount of time." 

- Destiny DeHaven,  KCA Graduate 


Are you ready to develop the skills to coach people to get more of what they want in their lives? Then you want to enroll in the Klemmer Coaching Academy today!

By becoming a Klemmer certified coach you can create or grow your coaching business and make an even greater impact on the people around you. This is your opportunity to step up and play a bigger game and to create more – and join Klemmer and Associates in Creating bold, ethical, leaders who will create a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

Each module in the academy has been crafted by K&A’s own instructors. These are some of the most talented coaches in the industry and they want to share their years of experience with you. Everyone at Klemmer and Associates is excited to be offering this unique course – Foundational Coaching Certification - that will give you the the tools to spread Klemmer principles to an even wider group of people – reaching millions faster.

Meet Klemmer Coaching

Academy’s Headmaster


When Klemmer and Associates decided to create our coaching academy we knew we would need to bring somebody on board with the qualifications to develop and run the program. We already have some of the most talented coaches and top notch content in the personal growth business, but we wanted to find the right person to bring it all together and create an excellent program.

Jenny’s career as a coach and author, as well as her experience as a fitness instructor, mother and church leader, give her the unique set of qualifications needed to run the Klemmer Coaching Academy. As you journey through the academy for your six-month stretch, Jenny is just an email away for support.  She is your online teacher and guide.

Jenny Price

Klemmer Coaching Academy headmaster

"My Klemmer experience, including KCA, transformed me personally, professionally and above all catapulted my marriage to another level that still exists to this day!" 

Nicole King 


"I have obtained coaching certifications from other programs but will enroll in the Klemmer Coaching Academy because their methods work!"

- Jim Newhall


"I have challenged myself more than I ever thought possible. I can see the limiting programs that have held me back and now I push through them." 

Nanci Newhall 


Why the Klemmer Coaching Academy?


Your experience at Klemmer workshops has brought you face to face with world class coaches and facilitators. You have had the opportunity to see how much positive change you can create in your life with the help of effective coaches, and you have the desire to share what you have learned with people around you. Most of us have found that effectively coaching others, or even just explaining the benefits of the Klemmer work is more difficult than it seems, so we created more opportunity for you to learn the Klemmer material as "the coach" in training.

The Klemmer Coaching Academy has been created to give its participants the knowledge and the skills to effectively share the Klemmer work. As a graduate of the Klemmer Coaching Academy you will receive certification to coach your own clients and to be more effective in all the places you already coach in your life.

Klemmer Coaching Academy is an interactive online experience. You will have six months (after your non refundable payment) to work at your own pace completing interactive modules and homework assignments. There are no in person meetings so there are no extra costs for travel or lodging. The course can be open and closed at your convenience and from any computer that has internet access. It’s your pace completely.

Upon successful completion of the course, and all homework assignments turned in (within that 6 month or less time slot), you will receive your certification to coach your own clients — again, based on your level of Klemmer training, your coaching certification will be a Two Star (ALS Grad), Three Star (Heart Grad), Four Star (Samurai Camp Grad), or Five Star Coach (Samurai Camp Leader).

Take your next step with Klemmer and Associates and register for the Klemmer Coaching Academy now! Price is:
$4695 for Advanced Leadership graduates
$3995 for Heart graduates
$2995 for Samurai Camp graduates.


Still need more information? Check out our frequently asked questions page.