Klemmer students and alumni are invited to join our business networking community. 


The Giver's Marketplace has been created to allow our graduates to connect and support each other’s businesses and charitable causes while remaining in integrity with the non-solicitation policy that all students and clients agree to when first beginning their Klemmer journey. If you are an active Klemmer student or an alumni, this is your exclusive opportunity to feature your business or charity.  


This is a triple win: 

  1. Business owners benefit by the opportunity to have Klemmer graduates do business with them.

  2. Potential customers are able to find businesses with like-minded owners whom they can trust.

  3. Activity in the network creates scholarship opportunities through The Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund.

Giver's Marketplace is not a place to solicit or market to any other Klemmer graduate. It is a space for Klemmer graduates to find services they are interested in and do business with people of like mind. 



Every business that advertises on the Marketplace pledges a percentage of the sales generated through the Marketplace to Klemmer's non-profit foundation, the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund. The Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund provides money for deserving youths and adults to participate in Klemmer seminars. We are very pleased to provide this service to our grads. Offering the Giver's Marketplace is an important step toward Klemmer's mission to create bold, ethical leaders who will create a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.


There is a one-time enrollment fee of $50 once your list is approved. Your listing never expires.


Traditional networking listings have reoccuring monthly and annual renewal fees. We are looking to create the win for our students which is why we've skipped the profit opportunity and instead request that the participating organization simply pledge a % of the revenue earned through the Marketplace back to the Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund. 

Steps to Enroll (Please read carefully)

Step 1: Create your profile on Klemmer Social.


Step 2: Submit your listing for approval.

Step 3: Pay your one-time enrollment fee by clicking the "Add to Cart" Button below and checking out. Your listing will not be approved until payment is received. 

Step 4: Make connections.

Step 5: Submit a % pledge to The Mustard Seed Scholarship Fund.

Note: The Giver's Marketplace is for Klemmer students and alumni only. Those who submit their listing and payment who are found to not meet the Giver's Marketplace policies will be refunded their money, less a $15 transaction fee.