Erik Green

Kamloops, BC, Canada

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Coaching Specialties: Fitness and Life Coaching
(clients/couples/small groups)

I am an Authentic, worthy, focused and abundant man.
Phone: 250.574.7968

Erik is a steward to the earth and realizes the need for people to engage in the great outdoors and wants to encourage people to enjoy the natural surroundings more, he is a Landscape Architect Technologist and creates environments for humans to interact in daily. His love of nature has led him into a passion for the environment and sharing that with others.


Sharing nature with people may be one of Erik’s favorite things to do but he also realizes the necessity to grow personally and tackle new and interesting obstacles in life. Erik sets goals, designs a plan to complete them and enjoys completing his tasks.


Task completion and new obstacles in life led Erik into coaching. His passion for personal growth and desire to push harder and go farther provided him with a new desire, to help others. He has always been able to talk with his friends openly and honestly, so why not help others! Erik is able to talk openly and confidentially with his clients about what they want out of their lives, he is able to discuss and provide and means to finding answers for what they want. Erik helps people realize their desires, values and strengths and wants as he has. He is always expanding and wants people to grow and expand as well.


By jumping into the exciting role of coaching with Erik, you will win. Win with Erik and you will have amazing growth,“ live life to its fullest and don’t look back!


As a graduate of a number of the formal K&A seminars myself, I can confidently say that Erik is a natural coach using the K&A information and concepts. I have completed a full slate of coaching


Erik, and found it extremely useful in keeping me motivated to use at least one or more aspects of the K&A concepts and the qualities of a “Compassionate Samurai” every day of my life. It helped cement in my mind the fact that each day one needs to find a way to take another positive and courageous step forward in life, no matter how big or small that step is. Erik’s style is to be very organized and he has an excellent grasp of the concepts to be used in the coaching work. At the same time, Erik has a relaxed, yet disciplined style of communication. I am certain that anyone working with Erik will not be disappointed.

Dr. J. Norman Reed, Chemistry Professor.with