Destiny DeHaven

Loveland, CO

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Coaching Specialties: Life Transitions,
Walking Through Pain and Loss,
Coaching Coaches,
Removing Limiting Beliefs,
Breaking Through Competing Commitments

I am a Passionate, Focused, Prosperous and Faith-Filled Woman.

Phone: 970.541.4895

Born and raised in Honolulu, HI; Destiny began her Klemmer journey in 2011. Personal Mastery changed her life so much that she staffed the next two classes that were in town. She continued her K&A journey and is a graduate of ALS 158 (August 2011), Heart 34 (April 2012) and Samurai Camp 24 (November 2012). She continued on by staffing Heart 36 (June 2013) and Sam Camp 26 (November 2013); and supporting the Headmaster of KCA as an admin assistant.


In 2012, Destiny and her husband decided to move from Hawaii to Laramie, WY. At the time her husband needed a kidney transplant and the list in Hawaii had shut down. The move would also create the opportunity for her husband to attend WyoTech (an automotive technical school). In May of 2014, her husband received a kidney and has since been doing very well. Shortly thereafter, Destiny decided to start her own coaching business.

Diving into additional training she has certificates in B.A.N.K. (, training others in communication with the four personality quadrants. It’s not just identifying their respective quadrant, but also how they need to be spoken to and what they need to hear regarding communication. She also studied and earned certificates in Neuro Linguistic Programming ( training under Paul Jensen. She uses all of her training to customize her coaching to fit what the client needs.

In 2015, she and her husband moved to Loveland, CO.


Destiny lights up while coaching and watching others get their a-ha moments. Her ability to make concepts simpler and communicate effectively allows her to be an amazing asset to her clients.