Daniel Giordano

Palm Beach, FL

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Coaching Specialties:
Strategic Business, Health, Faith
& Family Ninja Coach

I am passionate, outrageous, abundant & worthy man.

Email: dan@danielgiordano.com

Phone: 561.703.7604

Daniel Giordano is one of the highest paid business strategists in the world. He has worked behind the scenes with 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses for over 25 years. His expertise is uncovering opportunities that empower people to envision possibilities as it transforms their lives and creates extraordinary breakthrough results. This transcends into every area of his clients’ lives, having a tremendous impact in their business, health, faith and family. He helps his clients build a bold life of excellence and inspires them to step out and do something bigger than they ever thought possible and become true world changers.


With his father leading him as a young child, Daniel honed his craftsmanship and work ethic as a painting contractor. His entrepreneurial journey led him to become a successful painting contractor specializing in Victorian restoration.


After 20 years of creating beautiful homes for affluent people that were living their dream lives, he had a defining moment… He and his wife had their first child; he recognized that he wanted to be the father and husband that was going to be home - engaged and involved with his family.


Dan was hungry to learn and extremely teachable, as he still is today. He stumbled into the affiliate marketing industry back in 2000. Dan took serious action and earned financial freedom. Although he had absolutely no internet marketing experience, no website and no list, he created millions of dollars in sales using the power of the internet for various businesses and clients worldwide. With determination, Daniel was able to create a dream lifestyle for him and his family. Dan’s accomplishments have enabled him to meet some extraordinary people in every industry he has worked in.


Dan believes that everyone is extraordinary and has greatness in them. He now shares with the world his experiences and encourages people to get off the sidelines of life and and get ALL IN.


Dan assists people worldwide with understanding how to transform their businesses with the power of the internet. He has vast experience and knowledge in personal development, lead generation, product creation and online business systems