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Over the last few weeks we have hosted multiple LIVE Q&A sessions with Jim Stovall. These were opportunities to ask questions in light of COVID-19 and beyond.

We will continue to host LIVE Q&A sessions over the coming weeks. These are designed to support all of us as we move through this pandemic and focus on the future. 

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 Jim Stovall is an Olympic weightlifting champion. An Emmy Winner. He is the author of the bestselling novel The Ultimate Gift which was distributed as a major motion picture by 20th Century Fox. He's the author of several best selling books and a recipient of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce National Blue Chip Enterprise Award.

When blindness disrupted his life, he forged a new path, creating the Narrative Television Network. He is now a world renowned speaker and a sought after consultant. He was chosen as the International Humanitarian of the Year, joining Jimmy Carter, Nancy Reagan, and Mother Teresa as recipients of this honor. He has also received an Honorary Doctorate of Law from ORU for his work with the disabled. Malcolm Stevenson "Steve" Forbes Jr., president and CEO of Forbes magazine, said "Jim Stovall is one of the most extraordinary men of our era."

Join us on Friday, May 29, 2020 at 10:00am MST/MDT as Jim answers your questions. 

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with Jim Stovall