Janelle Gleisner

Durango, CO

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Coaching Specialties:

I am a vulnerable, surrendered, trusting and worthy woman!
Phone: 612-220-1033

Janelle began her Klemmer journey as a student in October 2019. She is a member of ALS team #222, Virtual Heart #1 and Live Heart #50, Samurai Camp #40, completed Klemmer Coaching Academy and was a team leader in Samurai Camp #41 and a senior team leader in Samurai Camp #42. She is currently a candidate for facilitation with Klemmer. Her purpose is to be an example to impact, serve and empower leaders.

Janelle started training martial arts when she was 14 years old. She recently achieved the esteemed rank of 8th degree black belt.  At the mere age of 23, she started her journey to become a successful businesswoman. In addition to earning 23 World Championship titles, she has also owned seven martial arts schools and supported over 20 of her juniors with the opening and operations of their locations.

While running her own martial arts schools, she was employed to advise, mentor, and consult 21 different locations for one of the largest individual martial arts operators. Janelle then expanded her dossier and started a martial arts consulting company, Success MAPS (Martial Arts Professional Systems) to consult over 100 other operators. She transitioned into the role of Vice President in Sales and Licensing, where she continued to consult operators as well as build future licensees. She set up operation systems and procedures, and developed business training systems for the licensees.