Cindy Solberg

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

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Specializes in Overcoming Divorce, Co-Parenting and Personal Happiness Coach of Moms

I am a Joyful, Trusting and Connected Woman
Phone: 715-828-6391

Cindy Solberg is a big-hearted, faith -filled, country gal polished by the grit of life into a joyful, trusting, and connected woman. Her journey in leadership development with Klemmer & Associates began in 2014. A certified life coach since July 2017, Cindy empowers women to achieve their biggest goals.


Cindy specializes in supporting other moms' success. We all go through something, and for her it was nine years of infertility. She turned this struggle to blessing by foster parenting for five years. In 2004, she welcomed two of her amazing foster children into her family permanently through special needs adoption; in 2006, she gave birth to her long awaited miracle child. After even more of life's trials, she is currently co-parenting at her best level ever in a blended household. The forgiveness and blessing stories are numerous!

Are you in transition? Are you longing to live your best life? Albert Einstein said, "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."


With Cindy's guidance as a success coach, you'll replace old patterns with new self-honoring ones. When you say "Yes" to being mentored by Cindy, you are saying "Yes" to getting clear on your vision and purpose. She will present you with new possibilities that better serve your confidence and focus moving forward. She will guide you in clearing away obstacles in order to reach new levels of commitment, growth, and results. Cindy's positive and encouraging accountability will definitely keep you on a path of action towards reaching your grandest ambitions.


Your circumstances don't define you. Let Cindy journey shoulder-to-shoulder with you to create new stretching chapters to your story. Look out world, the best is yet to BE. Transformation awaits you.