Chelsea Rathie


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Coaching Specialties:
Health & Fitness, Business Leadership/ Life Coaching, Team Building, Cash Flow Creation Coaching

Wealthy Worthy Relentless Intentional Woman

Chelsea, is a dynamic and sought after coach for individuals looking to create more, better, different in their lives. With over 10 years of experience in coaching athletes in all levels of their health, fitness, and skills she has dedicated her life to moving people forward. In 2014 she started her own personal development and leadership journey with K&A which has given her an even greater edge. She has incorporated the lessons and tools she learned into her own life and continues to grow as a person and coach. She is a coach who is willing to go the extra mile and do what she ask her clients to do. Chelsea brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to each individual she works with and is dedicated to their success.

Chelsea works for the international Klemmer & Associates- The Premier Leadership & Personal Development Company as a client support specialist and social media marketing.

Specialty Coaching areas:

  • Health & Fitness 

  • Business 

  • Leadership/ Life Coaching 

  • Team Building 

  • Cash Flow Creation Coaching 


Coaching qualifications and experience:

Klemmer & Associates KCA Certified Coach, Bachelor's in Psychology, Associates in Coaching, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Substance Abuse and Specialty Training (SAPST), Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASSIST), Mental Health 1st Aid Certified, Certified Facilitator for Nurturing Parenting Curriculum, Coaching experience (2014-2016) Coach 14U Triple Play Softball (2013) Coach 12U Bulldogs, (2006) Assistant Softball Coach Dickinson State University


"The value created thus far in working with Chelsea has been a constant guiding voice of wisdom. She has a great way of allowing me to set my own goals, risks and rewards in a safe, non-judging manner. Chelsea has coached me to reach far and play big while not being pushy or imposing. I'm excited to see all the blessings that her mentorship helps bring into my life and those I'm involved with." Matt A.

"Coaching with Chelsea is always a fun adventure. She is masterful at shifting from loving, gentle and supportive, to assertive and "just get your butt out there and do it all ready!"...whatever I'm in most need of from my coach, she is willing to go the extra mile to be that for me, to help me move. Chelsea is committed to my success in getting what I say I want, and holding my feet to the fire when my comfort level is tested and my excuses come out. She is an exceptional coach who has helped me find my answers on more occasions than I count. It's an honor to have been and to still be coached by you. Thank you!" Danielle B