Carol Matthews

Toronto, ON

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Coaching Specialties: Emotionally healthy spirituality,
grief and loss, marriage and family, business consulting

I am an authentic, bold and compassionate woman of God.
Phone: 905.392.1464

Carol Matthews is the founder of Aha! Life and is a certified, 5 star, Klemmer Coach. She is an old soul who has been in the Klemmer work for over eight years. She has co-founded two successful businesses of her own. Carol has the hands-on, real world experience that provides excellent value to all her clients. She is trained as a Registered Nurse and is mother to 4 teenagers. She is a self-published author of two books and was a professional singer and actress for several years. She specializes in intuition, problem solving, brainstorming solutions, ‘outside-of-the-box’ thinking, and the ability to see the potential in others. When she interacts with you, her goal is to help you experience success, enjoy the process and reach for even more.


Carol is masterful at seeking ways to challenge you and will create interactive experiences that stretch you and help you grow. She has been described as being DIVERGENT and will be able to coach you if you are seeking to:

  • Deepen your self-awareness; Have richer more intimate relationships

  • Discover untapped opportunities and resources you already possess

  • Develop your spirituality; explore a richer, fuller life

  • Enhance the quality of your life- get clarity on your purpose

  • Improve your career performance; Make better decisions in your business

  • Build stronger more productive teams; develop better communication

  • Have greater health and well-being

  • Achieve ambitious goals; Improve your self confidence

Carol’s strengths:

  • Grief and loss (widowhood)

  • Recreating and redesigning your life

  • Chronic, terminal illness

  • Parenting; Marriage and Family

  • Divorce and separation

  • Business consulting

  • Team building

  • Bankruptcy recovery

  • Inspiring entrepreneurs

  • Career profiling

  • Writing/Self-publishing


Carol has demonstrated the strength of her resolve, grit and determination to live her values in good times and in difficult times. As a life coach, “walking the talk” is the cornerstone to a successful practice. Carol will succeed as a life coach, no doubt.

Robert Francis Seguin
Aurora, Ontario
Managing Partner
The Productive Leadership Institute

"The World's Transformational Leadership Development Resource"


I am currently in a study group with Carol where we work through the junk, wrong-thinking, and agreements or "sunglasses" that keep us from being free to be our very best selves. Carol regularly, carefully, and gently probes the group members each week, digging beneath off-handed remarks to mine the core truth of their thinking. She never tips her hand with her own insights or opinions, but rather she guides people to their own realizations in a way that doesn't make them feel manipulated or exposed. I have watched her with awe and such respect as she carefully, and skillfully turns the conversation to more reflective points which lead individuals to break-troughs in their thinking. She is so natural and sensitive while she does this, and I have never seen anyone retreat or be offended by her questions. It always helps, rather than hinder the individual.


As for Carol herself, the thing I admire most is that although life has dealt her so many hard blows, her cheerful spirit, sense of fun, and her faith have never wavered. She has learned to navigate life's highs and lows with dignity, poise, gratitude, faith and joy. She is uncomplaining as she carries on as a widow, raising her four children alone without the benefit of a partner and alternate perspective. Her four teenagers are polite, kind, serving, loving, fun and full of faith, character and grace. They are a credit to Carol and her deceased husband. I have watched her time and time again, stand firm in the face of difficulty and remain steadfast and optimistic in spite of crushing disappointment and loss. I am so honoured to call her my friend.

Patricia MacGillivray
Aurora, Ontario


Carol is a compassionate yet clear, gentle yet guiding, and perfectly pleasant yet powerfully present woman and friend and coach. Her dynamite discernment leads anyone around her to see the best in themselves as well as surfaces the pieces that need continued work. In her life experience, her ministry, her grief recovery and in her being a mom, Carol profoundly impacts this planet for good and is ready to help you do the same.

Jenny Price
Life Coach and coaching coaches at Klemmer And Associates


From the first time I met Carol Matthews over the phone, she encouraged me to be the best me I could be. At the time I wasn’t a Christian and had no “thing” in which I could place my faith. Carol challenge me to find it. I know she wasn’t aware at the time but that was the first step in my current journey. I met Carol face to face about two months later and I realized this was a woman I wanted to speak into my life. It wasn’t an “aha” moment but I was drawn to her charismatic, enthusiastic, loving nature. Through the years of knowing carol I have grown and achieved things I never could, had we not met.

The gym where I was teaching fitness class was undergoing changes and there was a possibility of the fitness class part of the program may have been phased out. I shared this with Carol. She encouraged me to approach my pastor and ask if I could hold fitness classes in our sanctuary weekday mornings. From that small seed planted by Carol I started a women’s fitness ministry that over 9 years saw over a hundred women change not only their bodies but their spirits and lives as well. The cancer I had lived with for 11 years at that point had made me too ill to carry on and I had to close the ministry. However, the friendships I gained through the seed Carol planted are lifetime relationships, one of them with a woman who has become the best friend I have ever had. She has been such an integral part of my life, I don’t think I could have survived the challenges I have faced over the last 11 years without her. All because Carol Matthews used her God-given gift of seeing and bringing out the best in people, and spoke into my life.

Despite the challenges with which I am weighed down because of cancer and single parenthood, Carol still encourages me to be the best me I can be. There are so many stories I have from the 15 years knowing Carol, they could encompass a book. I am so grateful to her for her courageous faith and willingness to help others become the best person possible.

Laurie Atkinson
Keswick, Ontario
Founder of Fit For Praise
Personal Trainer