Carla Palazzolo

Champaign, IL

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Coaching Specialties: Teens-Adults-One on One-Groups
Forward Movement-Weight Release

I am a Committed, Worthy and Focused Woman.
Phone: 217.714.7519

Carla began her Klemmer journey in 2007 with her husband Michael, together they have completed Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai and Sam Camp. This has been an amazing journey for Carla along the way as she has set goals, reached goals and surpassed goals.


She believes that in order to expect others to have forward movement in their lives, you have to show that you are making forward movement too. Carla’s forward movement has included releasing over 84 pounds, writing a children’s book, and raising over $3000 for her local Humane Society.


To make a difference in the world you have to make a difference in your own life. Carla takes the time to help you set SMART goals, work through being stuck or work past your limiting beliefs or obstacles, and celebrate your accomplishments. If you want to make a difference, Carla says, “Let’s talk”.


Coaching Testimonial: 

“I have enjoyed my sessions with Carla. Having someone listen without judgment, encourage me in my goal setting, and add visual elements to their coaching was awesome. I am a Trusting, Confident, Courageous and Beautiful Woman. ”

Carla M.,  client
Medical Office Assistant-Pediatric Practice