Camille Paterson

Seattle, WA

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Coaching Specialties:
Peak Performance, Business & Life.

I am an authentic, powerful & abundant woman.
Phone: 425.890.8181

Are you a manager, entrepreneur, business owner or executive and you want to get and stay in your peak performance? From understanding how to set clear attainable goals to accomplishing them and everything in between Camille partners with you to create an individualized system that will get you to your peak and stay there. She believes this is the place in your life where you are truly thriving and living your purpose everyday. That this kind of life is possible and you can accept and live out your greatness daily. Whether it is defining your purpose & mission, business planning, time management, goal getting, transitions in life or career or communication development Camille is your coach. She does one on one, group & in business coaching.


Camille grew up in a entrepreneurial household and has continued on that path from starting multiple business, building large non-profits, running small to large scale ministries, speaking, leading, facilitating, managing thousands of volunteers and large to small scale events and conferences she is well versed in many areas. With a degree in communication and leadership from the University of San Diego, Dream Releaser Coach training and all of her Klemmer leadership training that she continues has prepared her to be your coach.

Camille started her Klemmer work through her husband and completed it in under a year as it was such a powerful addition to her season of life and coaching career. She continues to support Klemmer local events, YLC and the KCA program by facilitating calls monthly. She believes that the Klemmer work has been eye opening, foundational and helped launch her into her now full-time coaching career.


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Here is what Camille’s Clients are saying:

"Before meeting with Camille I didn’t think it was possible to realistically reach goals I have had for years. Using SMART goals and Camille’s other techniques and exercises I can happily say that I met my goal of being debt free, grew my businesses beyond all of my what I thought unattainable goals and hit some personal goals I really wanted. One of the major components to reaching these goals was the coaching & accountability that Camille provided for me."

"The approach Camille brings is so positive and I genuinely feel like she cares and wants to see me accomplish my dreams/goals. Camille is so articulate and intentional in each session. She listens to me and challenges me to go/see beyond where I am now to where I can be by offering valuable insights and practical steps I can implement into my life. Camille has a passion and gifting for Coaching which was evident from our first meeting."

"Camille has been such a source of knowledge, energy and strength to me this past year. We started working together in a time when so many external challenges kept arising in my life. It was draining my energy and focus from where I wanted to be and what I needed to do. My gut response was to feel quite powerless. But Camille helped me find a focus, a can-do attitude and balance that had been eluding me. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to spend an hour on a regular basis zeroing in on your true purpose, and having a helping hand to help you realign and guide you back on your course.
These words don’t seem quite enough… Thank you Camille

"I have always struggled when it comes to having structure and discipline in my life. I set up a session with Camille not knowing what to expect and I came out encouraged and feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. In just that one hour session she helped me to identify what was hindering my effectiveness in different areas of my life and then helped me to come up with a game plan. But this game plan wasn’t just a new schedule or rules to add in my life, she helped me focus in on specific areas that are priorities in my life and figure out how to implement a lifestyle that supports those priorities. What I loved most was that she doesn’t just tell you what to do but she actually works through what is holding you back and how to remove that barrier to become the most effective you. If you are looking to reach your full potential I would highly recommend Camille as your coach."