Beatrice Gahongayire

Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Coaching Specialties : One on One, parenting, young adults (transitions into career), and health & fitness. 

I am an abundant, bold, focused and joyful woman!
Phone: 613.292.4996

My past working and training experience includes my being Bilingual (French & English). I have been a practicing RN since 1989 working in cultural diverse areas within hospitals. Additionally, I have been mentoring RN students from University of Ottawa for a clinical placement within a mental health setting.


Some of my other qualifications include: 
I am a Business owner (USANA).
I have my Master's in Nursing (2014).
I attended and served in Leadership international
trainings. (K&A (2015 - 2017)
I obtained my KCA coaching certification (January 2017).

It is my honor and my joy to serve those who are excited to grow, in their personal life, in their professional life, and in their spiritual, emotional and physical life.


When you are ready for your consult to decide if I'm a fit for you, please contact me at 613.292.4996.

Once we have our consult complete, I will tell you about my special pricing.