April Stevenson

Oregon, WI

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Coaching Specialties:

Personal and Professional Life Coaching

Personal Growth and Awareness

Transitions, Grief and Loss



Recovery in Codependency and Love Addiction

Life Coach, Speaker and Author

I am a balanced, humble, gracious and surrendered woman.


April is committed to helping others find new meaning, purpose and focus for their lives.  She is raw, real, authentic and full of life.  When she speaks she shares her enthusiasm and lust for life with everyone around her using her intuition. 


A graduate of Oral Roberts University, she has a degree in Interpersonal Communications with an emphasis on Training and Development. She has put her degree to work in leading and facilitating small groups, teaching in homeschool co-ops, and curating events that bring multi-generational people together to learn and grow.


April has been married to her amazing husband Scott for more than 17 years and they are blessed with five beautiful children, all of whom have gone through the K & A work. April believes her family is an example of this work and continues to be committed to continued growth, possibility and joy. 


As a coach, April is passionate about supporting everyone in owning their true, authentic and genuine power, and creating a life of their own design.  Her life mission has always been to exhort, challenge and encourage others to be the very best version of themselves and to change the world, one person at a time.


Here are what clients are saying about April’s coaching:


April has an uncanny ability to take me to the next level and support me the whole way.  She’s intuitive and dynamic, just what I was looking for in a coach.  --AW from Denver, CO


My experience of April is loving, supportive, excellence-driven, accountable, compassionate, connected and motivating.  --WS from Champagne, IL


April has a passion for helping others.  Her joy is contagious and she knows how to coach to commitment.  --RR from San Antonio, TX


April always comes from a place of understanding and makes you feel heard, then she gives you the push to move forward.  --BM from Anchorage, AK


April is an amazing coach!  She has a unique combination of empathy, no-nonsense and truth telling.  She was instrumental in helping me recover from my recent divorce.  I highly recommend her...she is a true life coach.  --EG  from Monroe, WI


April was a fantastic coach to me when I was going through the grieving process. She helped me process my thoughts and feelings with a specific grief technique and lead me to a place that I don’t think I would’ve gotten to if I had not gone through this process with her. Thank you April!   --AP from Ontario, Canada 


April Stevenson is a powerful and intuitive coach! She listens carefully and crafts her responses to meet my needs. In addition to assisting me in identifying goals, she was able to work with me on steps to make those goals happen. She is truly a powerful and compassionate woman!   --DS from Grand Junction, CO


April looks forward to hearing from you to support and encourage you.  Please call for a free 30 minute coaching call to discover what’s the next step in your journey!  Let her partner with you to see what’s possible!