Anita Knight

Kent, WA

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Coaching Specialties:
Family & Communication
Home School & Mentoring
Identifying & Achieving Goals
Overcoming Procrastination

Phone: 206-326-0658

  As your coach, I will help you identify your deep dreams and desires ~ and then assist in dismantling the saboteurs keeping you from them. With a plan to prioritize your commitments, you will be empowered to achieve your goals & dreams!


I’ve been coaching and investing in people for a lifetime!

Married for 31 years, I home educated our 6 amazing sons for 25+years,


My goal is to empower others to walk in their gifting and life purpose, experiencing personal effectiveness and leadership.

and have taught Suzuki Violin for 28 years to countless

~AR, Portland OR

When aligned with our own truth, we are moved to action with ease. Fine tune your communication with others, life goals, inner self and insight gently guided by Anita Knight!

Anita is an energetic and fun Coach!

Krysten, Maple Valley WA

I was struggling with my identity and role as mom and wife while juggling a full life! Anita’s inspiring coaching empowered me to prioritize my commitments so I could accomplish my goals with minimal stress! I established healthy patterns of communications with family, without getting offended or being offensive (they appreciate that!), and by building open, honest and strong relationships.
I am now the confident, committed, vulnerable and beautiful woman I was created to be.
SO grateful for my life coach!

Kellie, Kent WA

I love how Anita is able to listen as well as cut strait to the chase. She guides me to the steps I am looking for in order to accomplish my goal. Her process is immediate and when I get off the phone with her, I always feel energized and inspired to take action.

~Annalisa T, Portland, OR

Anita never shamed me or made me feel like I ought to be any different than I am. She simply helped me see that WHO

With my newly discovered sense of worth/value, I am now actively writing a book ~ a non-fiction book straight from my heart - something I never believed I was capable of!

I had convinced myself deeply that I wasn’t beautiful and intelligent, but I know I am! Anita helped me believe the truth and walk in the freedom that the truth brings
.am influences what I DO and not the other way around! I am grateful to Anita for the love and effort she spent on my behalf.

May she be greatly blessed!

Genevieve, Sumner WAI

What her clients are saying:

in the journey of discovering your dreams!

A Fine Tuning to Release your Dreams!