Andrea Decourcey

There are goals you want to achieve, but they seem so impossible

you dare not even name t hem. You are facing obstacles that you feel are immovable. I know what it's like to feel like there's no way out of a situation. No solutions or options. Let me assure you that impossible dream you are thinking about right now is possible.

When I started my training with K&A in 2008, my view of what was possible changed dramatically. This renewed perspective opened my eyes to opportunity, and I could not keep what I learned to myself. Doors began opening which enabled me to support others in creating their life by design rather than default. - Andrea Decourcey

In 2007 Andrea discovered her passion for empowering business professionals across North America to achieve a greater level of success and excellence in every area of their lives, and according to her clients she does so with an "angelic grace" that "produces results."

As the Producer of Samurai Camp and Regional Director of Canada for K&A, she has had the blessing of empowering Klemmer grads throughout North America take control of their lives and achieve their dreams! Those who have worked with Andrea appreciate her exuberance, dedication and truly enjoy the experience. One of her clients said, "I had a blast dreaming up new possibilities for my life." Through her dynamic one-on-one coaching relationships and custom-designed programs, Andrea is masterful at taking her clients from successful to extraordinary. Andrea is adept in achieving significant, positive changes through the creation of structured goals, increased self-awareness, breakthrough techniques, leadership development and communication skills. 

Andrea is highly trained and experienced to support professionals

who desire to create results quickly and effectively.

Certified by: Klemmer Coaching Academy; Association for Integrative Psychology, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release techniques, and Hypnotherapy

"I have benefitted from her compassion, intuition and experience but to feel

all her intention focused on me in a one on one environment is magical. Every session produced a result that brought me closer to my goals."

- Richard