Alana Palm

London, ON

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Coaching Specialties: Relationships, Past Hurts & Hang-ups, Physical & Emotional Health, Leadership (Children, Teens, Adults)

I am a lovable, worthy, vulnerable and joyful woman.
Phone: (519) 494-7367

Alana began her journey with Klemmer when she attended her first Personal Mastery in March 2017. She went on to Advanced Leadership in August 2017, Heart of the Samurai in November 2017 and completed Samurai Camp in April 2018. Alana believed in the work so much that she chose to be a Champion for 2 Personal Mastery classes (2017 & 2018), as well as a staff member at Advanced Leadership in March 2018.


The Klemmer work has allowed Alana to lead a more purposeful, quality-driven life. She has experienced extreme transformation and is thriving now as a much more joyful, peaceful and confident woman. Alana’s passion for this work, and all her experiences within it, led her to become a certified coach with Klemmer Coaching Academy. She is excited to work with others and empower them to realize the vision they have for their lives.


Alana is described by friends and clients as trustworthy, focused, creative, compassionate, loyal, vulnerable and authentic. Her purpose is to spread love, create heart to heart connections and empower others to embrace their own worthiness. Alana’s coaching philosophy is to support clients in getting what they say they truly want.


She uses her experience and training to help others let go of past hurts and hang-ups, transform their minds and focus on forward movement. As well as coaching adults, Alana is passionate about working with children and teens, as she has been a school teacher for 15 years.


If you want something more, better or different in your life, Alana’s approach will empower you to realize it in fun and creative ways. Living life on purpose with clear intention is her passion and she looks forward to working with others who want to suit up and play BIG!


“I’m so happy I had the opportunity to work with Alana. She is so caring and compassionate. She is honest, even when difficult, and very trustworthy. I became more aware of myself and those around me. I continue to learn how to gain more self-respect and grow from the inside out. I am learning to be bold with positive outcomes.” –P.H. London, ON.