Alan Beech

Hamilton, ON, Canada

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Business & Life Coach.

I am a worthy, vulnerable connected man.
Phone: 905.961.8948

Do you have audacious goals in your life, Alan is your guy! There is nothing more exciting that to see clients stepping into their greatness. Alan has worked in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds for the more than the past 30 years. Alan still actively owns a number of successful businesses but his passion is to be involved with clients who want to “dent the universe”. He has been actively working as a business coach for the past three years doing: Facilitation, performance groups and one on one coaching/consulting.


Alan started his Klemmer journey back in the spring of 2012 and since then he has completed all the work including a highlight of a Team lead at Sam-camp 27. He believes that this work has been life changing, allowing him to see the abundance in his own life.

“ Imagine a life of abundance: Inspired and fulfilling, imagine your life as you wish it to be, then prepare to step into greatness.”

Here is what Alan’s Clients are saying:

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Alan over a 5 month time period. My experience of Alan was completely life changing. His constant commitment and ability to coach me through a variety of challenges resulted in me reaching all four of my goals."


“Alan has made a profound difference to my business and my life. When Alan first came to my business it was in trouble and just scraping by. Within a few months of his guidance we managed to turn each month into a record month and turn a profit. Within the last year of using his coaching my shop has gone from blah to WOW. Customer retention is up and my business is growing at a great pace. Alan’s proven techniques help him to help others in ways that most others would not understand. I would recommend Beech Consulting to any business owner who is tired of spinning his wheels and wants to get more out of their business and life.”

“Alan is an encouraging and effective Coach because he isn’t afraid to ask the questions that lead clients to undercover their own answers. Alan has opened me up to an abundance mindset and has helped to clear my head of unproductive programs that have held me back. Alan coaches from a place of abundance and gives from his heart.”