Champion's Workshop

This is a place to start for those wanting to learn more before registering for the Personal Mastery Seminar. Discover a formula used by thousands worldwide to get life changing results within 30 days.

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Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery Seminar reveals the belief systems preventing you from creating results in your life. Whether you're looking to be more successful at work, lose weight, or find love, you will see results from this training.

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Advanced Leadership

Take off the sunglasses and liberate yourself from your past, and from limiting belief systems as you experience the release of breakthrough in this five day seminar.

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Heart of the Samurai

Heart of the Samurai is a six day seminar in which the student experiences the ability to create a life beyond success to that of significance. Both your financial prosperity and compassion for service are expanded in an exponential way.

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Samurai Camp

Samurai Camp is a program establishing the ten attributes of a compassionate samurai as powerful daily habits and practices to produce on-going results in your personal and professional life.

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Coaching Academy

We are excited to be offering this unique course Foundational Coaching Certification - that will give you the the tools to spread Klemmer principles to an even wider group of people reaching millions faster.

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Millionaire Institute

With Jim Stovall - Dallas, TX

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Quickening Preview

The Quickening Preview is a three-hour evening workshop and it is designed to allow your church community an opportunity to see what our training is about.

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Open yourself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you embark on a journey to being all God has called you to be. Step into a new place of abundance and contribution for the glory of God. A two and a half day intensive training.

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Playful Mastery

Klemmer & Associates is proud to offer the Playful Mastery seminar to support families, reduce stress, increase balance, happiness and abundance and take time to love. A seminar for the entire family - parents, children, teens, ages 5 and above.

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Youth Leadership Camp

This camp is designed to empower youth and help them develop tools to create an exciting future. This course combines exercises tailored for teens from the Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership courses.

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