Quickening Preview

Experience this powerful 3-hour introduction to "The Quickening", a 3-day, Biblically-based Leadership Seminar. Designed specifically for the Christian Community, the Quickening Preview is open to all who would like to explore Biblical principles of leadership and how those principles apply to their personal lives. 


The Quickening Preview is an opportunity to experience a small part of what will happen in the 3-day Quickening Seminar and receive more information about that event. Learn the Secret Formula of Champions used by countless men and women of God to conquer their fear, step into faith and create more success in their spiritual, personal and professional lives. The Quickening Preview provides an opportunity to begin a practice of embracing deeper levels of service, relationship, leadership and abundance. All who attend can put these concepts into action and begin to create results immediately.


 The Quickening Preview is a small taste of what is available at the 3-day Quickening Seminar and is intended to be an opportunity for those who attend to enroll in the 3-day Quickening Seminar at a significantly discounted rate.  Don't miss this exciting event. Enroll now and bring your friends. Tickets for the Preview can be purchased below.

    My wife and I see the Klemmer seminars as a pivotal point in our ministry.
    The Quickening has given me the confidence and courage to pursue my dreams without fear of failure and rejection. Six weeks after attending the Quickening I doubled my business over the last year. Six weeks after attending K & A's Advanced Leadership Seminar I doubled it again. I've never seen anything like this.
    Diane, the Quickening was absolutely earth shatteringly outstanding. I say that sitting here with tears in my eyes as I type this. My wife and I enjoyed you so much. We call you special and BLESSED, as are we, having spent time in your presence. Thank You. Oh yes, you do change lives for the better, I'm personally moving on past my procrastination. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
    God and the work of the "Quickening" is doing a great work in me and I am stoked! I cannot thank you enough for the "Quickening" weekend! Both Tim and I are "evolving" daily...our lives have literally been turned inside out!! I celebrate our loving Heavenly Father and His goodness in our lives AND... your faithfulness to follow after your passion of sharing/coaching us through the "Quickening"!! Thank you, Diane!! You are BLESSED!!
    At our Quickening Weekend I observed more change in people's lives than I would expect to see in months of ministry. I saw relationships healed and people set free from things that bound them for years. The Lord was definitely working powerfully through this event. I would recommend this to any individual or church looking for real breakthrough.
    This weekend improved my business & ministry results, my relationships, and increased my clarity and passion. What was amazing to me was not just what it did in me, but how it effected everyone around me and how sensitive I became about others. I have taught the Word of God for 18 years. I thought I knew it well. The Quickening exposed my real core beliefs and moved God's Word from my head to my heart. I want everyone I love to attend this teaching.
    I have registered for my real estate licensing course. My wife and I started scheduling showcases for our homebased business. We're getting great results. My family and our legacy has been changed forever. Oh by the way, I applied the Win Win principle during a negotiation last week and was able to retain the business. Lastly, my guest did attend church this past Sunday. Thanks for everything.
    Your message on the 3 R's literally has transformed a "belief system," of mine, and is now affecting so many in my sphere of influence.
    The Klemmer seminars have had a large impact on my personal life and ministry. I recommend that all the members of my church attend.
    The seminar was a great success and our new employee loved it! Congratulations! I believe in what you do for people and have been sharing it with pastors. I intend to continue to recommend your services with full confidence. I appreciate you and your team!

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