A weekend that will strengthen your family!

Klemmer is proud to offer the Playful Mastery seminar to support families, reduce stress, increase balance, happiness and abundance … and take time to love. A seminar designed for families- specifically children ages 5-12 and their support systems. 

  • Do you want to accelerate what you’ve already learned in your own personal growth, and apply it with your family?

  • Would you like to have all your family members speak the same 'Language' of Awareness, Responsibility, Self-Esteem, Clarity, Communication, Intention and Love!

Once you have completed this course, you will have the tools to:

  • Lessen your stress as a parent
  • Build your self-confidence in parenting
  • Gain better cooperation with family members
  • Parent in a way that lessens or eliminates temper tantrums that ‘imprison’ families
  • Create a peaceful, harmonious household, set yourself and your family up to win
  • Create unity in your family–strengthen it, which will provide a stronger foundation for your children
  • Create your home environment so that it supports you, too


  • You’ll give them the ability to learn Life Skills at an early age versus learning the hard way like we did–you’ll help them be better prepared for life … you’ll equip them to succeed in life
  • When challenges happen, which they will, they will have tools to make better choices, and you’ll have a common language to give them the support they will need, to more effectively and swiftly reverse any situations to turn them into positives.
  • They’ll learn how to de-stress too so you’ll all avoid wasting time in unnecessary drama and alternatively, create greater quality time to experience more joy and heart-to-heart connection
  • As your children learn to understand life and you better, they can become more supportive and participative family members
  • And so much more. . .

For Playful Mastery seminar details call; 

Krystal Zellmer (415) 320-0517 krystal@klemmer.com

Sheri Johnson (715) 419-0705 sheri@klemmer.com 

Marcie Rodriguez (210) 889-6125 marcie@klemmer.com 

Tuition: $395 per person. Call Krystal to see if you qualify for a family discount.

    I had an amazing weekend. James is cracking me up already with his, "What 'R' is that Mommy?" I just wanted to express how much this weekend meant to me and my family. I appreciate everything!
  • TOBY F
    The best thing I ever did for my family!
    After attending the workshop, our three daughters actually discuss "differences of opinion" and end up friends and even HUG instead of yelling, name calling and pushing as they did for years! Peace and laughter are daily occurrences in our home now.
  • KIM C
    Great experience with Matthew (son). Great to have a common language.
    Today at school I stood up for myself. A girl that is sometimes mean to me asked me for some of my snack. I said, "No." She got mad at me and made a face. I said, "That's your choice to be like that." Thanks for teaching me about CHOICE.

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