One Weekend Can Change Everything

The Personal Mastery is a two and a half day weekend experience designed to reveal the belief systems that are preventing you from creating results in your current position. Whether you're looking to be more successful at work, or you'd like to create a thriving and pleasant family environment, you will see results from this training. GUARANTEED.

Once you have completed this course, you will have the tools to:

  • Increase your income.
  • Grow your client base.
  • Develop healthy working relationships.
  • Dramatically expand your wealth consciousness.
  • Decrease procrastination.
  • Produce results regardless of the circumstances.
  • Increased willingness to offer and receive feedback between peers, colleagues, mentors and managers.
  • Develop a new idea of 'win-win' thinking.
  • Be more responsible for your own success instead of being a victim to circumstances.
  • Heighten your state of activity.
  • Increase your level of love and compassion for yourself and others.

The Personal Mastery is held in hotel locations all over the world. It is normally sponsored by an influential member of the community for 50 to 200 people. Students will receive a workbook and several other class materials.

Guarantee: 100% satisfaction or your money back!

Tuition - $995 per person.

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