Coaching Webinar for Direct Sales Champions

Have you ever noticed how some people just get by while others seem to easily achieve success? So what's the difference? It's simple....personal growth!

Successful leaders are often those individuals who are willing to do the work on themselves to both discover and then break through what holds them back. So are you ready to explode?

If so, then join one of our Senior Facilitators for 4 weeks
of leadership coaching on K & A's Webinar for Champions.

This 4 week series has been developed specifically to support and address the needs of our Network Marketing and Direct Sales Clients. The focus is on commitment to the dream, accountability and taking urgent action to create greater results. Using concepts from Brian Klemmer's Compassionate Samurai, Leadership principles from K & A seminiars and other resources, this series is designed to support those who are committed to taking their business to the next level.

The Webinar for Champions package Includes:

An initial hour of coaching with
the key leader and his team or downline
$100 Value
Interviews with the Experts: audio download$120 Value
52 Leadership Lessons: 52 weekly emails$50 Value
Four weekly webinars with a Senior K&A Facilitator$400 Value
Mastery of Money round table recorded webinar$30 Value
How to solve problems: audio discussion$20 Value
Total Value        $720       
Price Per Person    $297   $97!    


I just want to thank you for the webinar that you did for my Isagenix team. My team was at a stand still before the webinar. We had 60 participants on the 4 week webinar series. All of them have nothing but positive things to say. Five people reached their goal of Executive. Several of them got very close to their goal and all of them made steps forward in their business. The webinar series began 4 weeks prior to our annual convention. My team went there on FIRE because of the work they had done on your webinar series. I have been with Isagenix for over 7 years, but this is the first time I can say my team was ready with a plan of action coming out of the convention. What I can say is the webinar gave my team the confidence to take personal responsibly for their actions. You taught us about the value of being accountable, having honor, and courage. Most importantly we learned to take note of where we are in the business right now and where we are going.

Rocky Dumas - Isagenix

I just want to thank you for the webinar that you did for my Isagenix team. My team was at a stand still before the webinar. The last week of the course I exceeded my goals and with Diane's coaching and corrective feedback, I am moving forward at a faster pace! Every once in a while I have to remember to take the sunglasses off and step into action. There are never failures only progress. Thank you!

Dorothy Maes - Isagenix

The weekly coaching tips were powerful and were exactly what I needed to hear to propel my business from one level to another. Through SMART goal setting and then analyzing my goals, I noticed feelings of fear and risk but motivated to plunge forward and take challenge with boldness and urgency. In less than one week I had 17 people listening to a presentation in my home resulting in two new registrations.

Nancy Rinard - Director - USANA Health Sciences

The goal I have set for the month will be accomplished tomorrow January 8th. Result - 5 people have enrolled so far in my Young Living downline from this goal. Thank you for great content of this webinar series,

Joy Masuda - Young Living

The overall webinar I thought hit the mark in quite a few areas. I did contact more and had more activity over the month in a more focused way. I also found that the communication with my upline increased in a good plus direction. I highly recommend this training!

Kim Kroeger - Executive Director - Mannatech

I was uncertain what the value of the training would be for me. I was concerned it would be repeat of things already learned. I was wrong! There is immeasurable value in this course. It is extremely applicable to business and to life. It will change the way you look at the world and how you choose to engage yourself in it. The best investment you can make!

Erica Hunt - Sales Director - Mary Kay Cosmetics

After listening to you, doing the homework and using the tools we signed six people up in four hours. Unlike before, one in 11 months. Your dedication and help in network businesses really ROCKS!

Nikolina Tianev - Independent Wellness Consultant

I did see an excitement and activity that I haven't seen for a long time. I think this training really lit a fire under everyone. The accountability piece was especially powerful. This was perfect timing as we are heading into our leadership conference in a couple of weeks. I expect this momentum to continue and look for great things to come with my team.

Barb Shultz - Juice Plus

The Best $97 You'll Ever Spend!!

What a great way to kick start your business, encourage those
who feel stuck and provide opportunities to excel like never before.

To schedule a webinar for you and your
team, or for more information, email or .

Diane Beinschroth & John Edwards
Klemmer and Associates Facilitators