K&A is about supporting individuals and corporations to dramatically increase results. The premise of our work is that people only act according to their fundamental belief systems. They do not necessarily do what they are told. Nor do they do what they know is good for them. They act according to their beliefs.

Our workshops produce results for corporations and individuals because they explore beliefs around commitment, loyalty, communication, honesty, success, leadership and many other key issues. Once people "see" things differently, they automatically behave differently. This is what distinguishes us from purely "motivational" work which produces a temporary high. People are inspired, but because it is experiential they literally view life differently, and it lasts. Sustainable results are a key to change.

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Solving problems when you have no idea what to do

What would it be worth to be able to buy a home when you have no down payment and know nothing about real estate? Discover how to double the number of people you prospect to every month if you are in sales. Have you ever been stuck in a relationship and not known what to say to make it better? Have you ever made a resolution to lose weight and not followed through on it? This CD provides a proven formula for solving all these challenges and more. It is especially useful when you don’t know what to do. It is called the million dollar formula of champions.

Staying solution oriented

Have you ever found yourself distracted from your goal? Have you experienced being so deep into your problems you can’t see a solution? Have you ever found yourself avoiding problems altogether because you just didn’t want to deal with another problem? Laugh yourself silly as this CD identifies four ways most people relate to problems or challenges and as it gives you a visual tool for staying solution oriented amidst even your darkest hour day after day.