Are you a direct sales leader who is having a hard time getting your team to take action?

If so, this training is for you. Our direct sales training will get your team motivated and active without requiring more of your time and energy.

Direct Sales Training will help your team:

  • Sponsor more people, this month
  • Raise their check (and yours), this month!
  • Find real business builders, THIS MONTH!

This three hour training is designed specifically for direct sales associates and is a sample of the Personal Mastery three day weekend course. Your team will get a "taste" of our training that delivers valuable tools in just three hours. They will experience what it takes to produce spectacular results regardless of circumstances when they have no idea what to do. The Champion's Workshop will assist them in overcoming fears of prospecting and rejection. You can expect significant, measurable results in income and recruiting within 30 days of this direct sales training.

What Leaders Are Saying:

My income went from $1,000/month to $8,000/month. The next year I became one of the Top 25 income earners in the company and encouraged other members of my business team to enroll. 15 of my team members who attended the K&A courses are currently earning six figures. I have earned over $2 million with that company since that Personal Mastery course in 2004.
- Kathy Helwig

When we sponsored a Klemmer Workshop...our down line actually started making calls, stepping up as leaders and even volunteering to give presentations.
- Brandon and April Willer

I increased my Usana income by 50% the month after attending the Klemmer Seminars.
- Karn Spaulding

I just became the 47th millionaire in Isagenix, and I can honestly say if it were not for the Personal Mastery course I would not be where I am today!
- Rocky Dumas