Brian Klemmer - 1950 - 2011

Brian Klemmer was an international consultant and speaker whose seminars have been attended by tens of thousands of participants in Japan, Canada, the Philippines, Europe, and throughout the United States. He was truly an entertaining and effective speaker, facilitator and master of group dynamics.

Brian was founder of Klemmer & Associates which has produced results in companies such as ITT Sheraton, Hewlett Packard, American Suzuki Motor Corporation, as well as direct sales companies. He authored the best-selling book If How To's were Enough, We'd all be Skinny, Rich and Happy, which discusses many of the key principles and concepts that are the core of his company and his phenomenal, results-producing seminar series. His most recent book, The Compassionate Samurai, outlines the ten traits of a samurai and was recently named a #1 Wall Street Journal Business Book.

On April 7, 2011, Brian passed away as the result of a torn carotid artery. When Brian Klemmer founded Klemmer & Associates, his dream was to create an army of compassionate Samurai to make a difference in this world. The greatest way that those who know and loved Brian can honor him is by stepping into that role. Brian Klemmer was a teacher, mentor, and great leader, and will be sorely missed.

Tribute Video by Bob Harrison

Brian Klemmer's Celebration of Life on April 26, 2011