Youth Leadership Team

Kimberly Zink - President

Kimberly Zink is a confident, trusting, peaceful, and joyful woman who is committed to leading and helping others embody their greatness. After a career in insurance and network marketing, Kimberly walked into the rooms of Klemmer and Associates, and since then, the last 10 years have been a true blessing to her and her family. Over the years of advancing she has been promoted to President of K&A. As a Senior facilitator of Advanced Leadership, Youth Leadership, and Champion Workshops she has been with thousands of people all over the world in three languages. Kimberly is a compassionate wife and an involved mother and she is committed to loving the world with an open heart.

Krystal Zellmer - Youth Leadership Facilitator

Krystal Zellmer is a vibrant, enthusiastic member of our team. She started her work with Klemmer and Associates when she graduated our teen program over a decade ago and has not left the company since. She has a heart for teens and seeing a world where our youth can work together without cliques. Another passion she has is supporting others to achieve goals that they never dreamt were possible. Krystal is newly married, and living with her husband in Chicago, Illinois.

Joanna Vasquez - Youth Leadership Mentor

Joanna Vasquez is fun and loving, and always a ball of energy. She currently lives in Durango, CO where she loves riding dirt bikes, riding horses, and working out. She attained her first Youth Leadership Camp when she was 13 in 2010 and hasn't missed a YLC since. She is commited to helping teens to grow into their full potential.

Tiyana Sample - Youth Leadership Mentor

Tiyana is a creative, compassionate, trusting, and driven woman. Her Klemmer journey started as a teen attending Youth Leadership Camp in 2011 and she continued the work as a staff member every summer since. She enjoys singing, painting, traveling, being outside, and spending time with her loved ones. Tiyana does not only look for the best, but also strives for the best in herself and everyone around her.