Youth Leadership Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Youth Leadership camp?

YLC is open to teenagers who are 13-17 years old.

What does the cost of Youth Leadership Camp cover?

The tuition covers the camper's housing, meals, transportation to and from airport, snacks at camp, and photos.

What is the food service like?

Meals are served through the cafeteria on site. Meals are served buffet style. Breakfast is approximately 8 am, Lunch 12:30 and Dinner 6:30.

What about special dietary needs or allergies?

Special dietary needs are accommodated. Campers with special needs must advise Klemmer & Associates teen staff both through the Health Form and upon arrival to camp.

Can the family choose roommates for their child?

We will do our best to suit your needs yet campers are grouped by age, small groups, and buddies pre-selected for them. If you are sending siblings or family members that are close in age we will work with you on separating them.

What does a typical day look like?

Each day will be full of learning opportunities and recreation time. We are combining two adult courses into one for the teens, below is a sample schedule. This will give you some idea of what it looks like to attend Teen Camp. This again is a sample day and can be shifted or changed depending on the needs or the teens. Saturday will be different due to our field trip to a challenge course.

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Morning lecture by facilitator

10:00 Break

10:25 2nd morning session

11:45 Free Time

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Free Time

1:45 Afternoon session

3:15 Break- Snack

3:35 2nd Afternoon Session

Outdoor activities

Free Time

6:30 Dinner

7:15 Evening session

9:15 Return to cabins for showers

10:00 Lights Out

At what Age do Campers benefit most?

Campers will create huge value at every age. We encourage the Teens, just like with adults, to return and staff, continue on to the adult classes (age 18), and surround themselves with likeminded people and they are going to be most successful.

What if a camper is reluctant to go?

Many teens choose to come to Youth Leadership Camp. Some even raise the funds themselves. From time to time a camper may be hesitant to attend. Some campers may be in resistance to attend. We understand from parents that this tends to be a reaction to their children attending programs in general. This is common due to shifts that may have occurred in the home after a parent has attended one of our adult classes or the lack of understanding by the child of what "they will do to me."

As parents our request is not to use seminar language or refer to YLC as a program to FIX them in any way. It will only create more resistance between the Camper and the family. Encouraging them to go and experience the week with an open mind and learn some of the tools that have moved you forward. If you have not attended our adult courses you can encourage them to lead the family in this leadership opportunity.

In the end, if a child is still resistant to attending please call Kimberly Zink at 970-769-4580.

Here is what we've heard from of the campers who were reluctant to attend:

"I would not trade this week for the world."

"I am glad my mom didn't give in to my manipulating her, I would have missed the best week of my life."

"I came here not liking myself, I am leaving here loving who I am."

"My Dad was right - I did deserve to come here."

What kind of security is provided?

We hire a third party security company to monitor the camp and campers each night. Our staff does hourly bed checks and grounds checks to ensure the safety and security for all involved.

What are the qualifications for the Adult and Youth Staff?

Youth Staff must have attended YLC and have performed in a responsible and becoming manner. The Adults (Age 18 and over) must have completed Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership at Klemmer & Associates. They also will have under gone a criminal history search as well.

Will Teens have Free Time for Activities?

Yes, the campers will have time to play sports, card games, and other fun activities.

If Flying to Klemmer & Associates Youth Leadership Camp, what airport do they fly into?

Campers are to fly into Denver International Airport in Colorado. We will provide further information as to where to meet us once we are closer to the time for camp.

How are the males and females housed while at YLC?

During the sessions all campers are together. At night males will be in a male dorm and females in a female dorm. Each dorm also houses adult and youth staff members.

Should my children come to camp together or separate?

This is completely up to you. We can separate them significantly enough for them to have their own experience as well as we can support them in working together. We do encourage you to send your children as close together as possible due to sharing in this powerful experience and supporting each other long term.

What material will my child cover while at YLC?

Klemmer & Associates is a seminar company that specializes in Adult leadership and Character Development seminars. We have 4 levels of classes. We will cover all the material in our 1st and 2nd levels. They will participate and learn all the tools from our Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership seminars.

What is the difference between YLC 1 and YLC 2.0?

YLC 1 covers a lot of the material from the adult Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership Classes. YLC 2.0 dives further into the material from Heart of the Samurai and some of the activities we do during the weekends at Sam Camp. We also add other activities that we feel will serve and support the teens in their futures.