Support Team

Jenny, Headmaster, Klemmer Coaching Academy

Jenny lives in Stuart, FL with her husband and five children. She began her Klemmer journey in 2010 and has now joined the team as Headmaster of the Klemmer Coaching Academy, where she is writer and developer of the online coursework that Klemmer is creating to serve their grads in attaining Coaching Certifications. Jenny is a tenacious leader who believes there is more for every person on this planet and leads others to discover the very best they can become. She earned her BS at Florida State University in English, has served in ministry/counseling positions for well over 20 years now, has run her own fitness business for 15 years, and presently is a successful coach and writer. Jenny Price is a cultivating, captivating, candescent and calming woman who is ready to pass on to all who journey with her life is meant to be abundant and fun!

Jenny and her family adopted twins from state foster care and Jenny and Matt are active child advocates in their community, spreading the word of adoption whenever they can, while Jenny remains involved as mentor to local foster families in her area.

Jeff, Database Administrator

Jeff has been programming professionally since 1999. In 2002, he left an SDET position at Microsoft Corp to start a website and database programming business, and has been supporting K&A since 2004. He lives near Seattle, Washington.