Regional Directors

Andrea DeCourcey Canada

Andrea Lives in Ontario Canada and started her journey with Klemmer & Associates in 2008. In November 2013 she joined the K&A team, serving as Regional Director. She is driven to support people in creating results by embracing their God given greatness and sharing it with the world.

Andrea worked in the Commercial aviation industry for 15 years while she developed businesses in Health and Wellness, Photography and Professional Coaching Services. Now a full time entrepreneur, her passion for people, leadership, travel, culture, health, photography and music are enjoyed both leisurely and professionally.

Carla Palazzolo Midwest

Carla lives in Champaign, Illinois with her husband Michael. She started her journey in 2007 with Klemmer & Associates and in January of 2016 she joined the K & A team as the Regional Director-Midwest. Her goal is to further her purpose in life, which is to be strong and supportive and to make a difference in this world.

Carla is dedicated to forward movement, to self-improvement, to showing others by example what world changers look like. Additionally, Carla desires to be helping as many people grow, stretch, and learn as she possibly can. Her motto is Live (life to the fullest), laugh (often and at yourself), and love (God, yourself and as many people as possible).